Reasons for the pioneer Diva AJ Lee’s early retirement from WWE

Arindam Paul / 06 February 2016

AJ Lee was the most charismatic Diva of the decade to enlighten the Divas division when it was a dull time for the women’s division starting from the year 2011. With her music “light it up”, she used to light up the hearts of the WWE fans and had an aura of her own by which she became one of the most female popular wrestlers.

She was voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Woman of the Year for an unprecedented three consecutive years from 2012 to 2014 which is a tremendous achievement. In many ways, the three-time Divas champ was unique from all of the other fellow Divas. She was at the peak of her fame when she had chosen to walk away from all of that as her own way, which came as the most shocking decision to the WWE Universe.

Here are the possible reasons of why did the “crazy” Diva choose to walk away from WWE after the night of Wrestlemania 31.

His Husband CM Punk

As many of the fans know AJ Lee’s husband is former WWE Superstar CM Punk. Punk had some serious problems with Vince McMahon and other WWE staffs. Around Royal Rumble, 2014 Punk had an issue with a mass on his back which turned out to be a fatal one but ignored by WWE doctor. If you remember Punk had left WWE just after the night of Royal Rumble 2014. His relationship with Vince McMahon was not good at all regarding storylines which did not feature him in the main event spotlight.

Punk was also facing a lawsuit by Dr. Chris Amann of the WWE for defamation in retaliation for false charges of medical neglect. All this surely would have influenced AJ Lee’s decision to quit the organization and support her husband’s morality.


Neck Injury

AJ Lee was absent for some consecutive months during 2014 and 2015. It was due to a neck injury. He had suffered severely from the legitimate injury in the Survivor Series 2014 pay per view. That might have been a factor in her taking a call on her future wrestling career.

Weak future storylines for her

From the very beginning of her career, she was on the top of the storylines alongside other WWE Superstars as well as her own and became the longest reigning Divas champion of that time in the process. She had achieved almost everything in between 2012 to 2015. After Wrestlemania 31 she was booked for a feud with Nikki Bella, whom he made tap out at the grandest event but was scheduled to lose the title matches.

She was not on the best of terms with Stephanie McMahon and some other Divas in the locker room. It was time for the next generation Divas to step up, so it was a right moment for her to go away from the peak.

Her legacy that she created already

She was a pioneer in the Divas division in many ways. Not only she won the Divas title for a record three times including one longest reigns before Nikki Bella shattered it, but also became the most celebrated female athlete in the PWI Magazine Issue for three consecutive years. She raised the issue of less screen time of the Divas in WWE events and programs despite their record-selling merchandise and several top-rated segments on WWE shows.

She commented, “despite having generated record-selling merchandise and several top-rated segments on WWE shows, female wrestlers in WWE receive a fraction of the wages and screen time of the company’s male roster.” The issue has been acknowledged by Vince and Stephanie McMahon and they are now out for so-called “Divas revolution.”

With her in ring skills as well as pioneer visions, AJ Lee has served the Divas division with her very best and brought something substantial to it and to some extent was successful to wash out some of the distressful things from the Divas section. Utilizing the gem in future in some other ways will be good for WWE.


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