Now, since after Lesnar’s comeback and failure in the Royal Rumble PPV at the hands of the Wyatt family, you might be wondering why Lesnar had not gone after them at all? Those who are wondering that Lesnar-Wyatt feud was short-lived, there’s no need to worry at all. WWE Creative is working hard on the plane to create renewed feud between the beast incarnate and the Wyatts. And this time, Lesnar will lock horns with the black sheep Braun Strowman of the Wyatts.

According to the reports from Vince McMahon is riding high on Strowman and post-Wrestlemania he is about to receive a push so high that he might beat Brock Lesnar to be out as the company’s topmost heel. Besides the boss, we hear that other officials of the Creative team have also full faith and hopes on the black sheep. Until Wrestlemania, Lesnar will have to deal with the Lunatic Fringe but after that, the rivalry with the Wyatts will be renewed.

When the program between these two was initiated, WWE Universe got to taste a mouth-watering feud that lasted only a few days till Royal Rumble. After a promising start, it was shut down without warning and replaced by the Lesnar-Ambrose feud which will culminate a “No Holds Barred” street-fight at Wrestlemania.

Alongside the WWE fans both Lesnar and Wyatts was disappointed, to say the least with an immediate conclusion of the feud but the Lunatic fringe is making up that for us and now he will feature in one of the main events on the grandest stage. As of now, Lesnar and Bray Wyatt will head for a singles match at least for once after Wrestlemania and then Strowman will take the charges for Lesnar that may conclude at this year’s Summerslam. Further good news is that we will have a one-on-one contest between the two on March 12th, in Toronto i.e. on the WWE Network special event WWE Roadblock.

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