It’s that time in the year when the most exciting pay per view comes to us which leads us to the road to Wrestlemania. WWE tries to bring someone exciting to create a shocking moment for the fans and generally the surprises come as a past WWE wrestler. However, this year’s scenario is something different, as we can expect some new faces debuting in the Rumble match whereas some may return after a long hiatus.

Another spoiler for this year’s main event is none of the surprise entrant is expected to win the big match as WWE is planning for Roman Reigns to win the match for the second year in a row. Check out the possible surprise names:


As a fan, we have not got enough of Sting in WWE as we wanted. He had not wrestled since his Night of Champions match against Seth Rollins where he suffered an injury. Now that he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, what better way to hype it up by making him a surprise Royal Rumble entrant. The Icon had never been in one and to see him one last time before his induction to the Hall of Fame will be great.


Kurt Angle

Angle is on his way to wrapping up his contract with TNA and recently wished to make a comeback to WWE for one last time before his retirement. Though it’s a very wild guess but not impossible one, considering how much Kurt Angle can be a viable option to fulfill the main event stars like Cena, Orton, Rollins etc. Furthermore, Royal Rumble itself is infamous for its strange happenings.

Daniel Bryan

Let’s be honest here, he is the most anticipated man in this year’s Royal Rumble. Just because WWE is not allowing him to wrestle or his presence can overshadow the main event plans in coming weeks does not mean not to give him the opportunity which he deserve. Due to concussions, he is out of action for nearly a year. We can only hope WWE changes plans with him.


Samoa Joe

This man is underrated compared to NXT roster. He is an established name in Pro wrestling business and was main event ready even before his debut in NXT. Though WWE does not want him in the main roster scenario, expecting him in the match is completely adjustable. He deserves a one-off appearance in the Rumble event.



The Deadman was booked for more occasions this year and since his last match at Survivor Series, he was rumored to be part of the Royal Rumble. It is that time of the year when he shows his customary match up at Wrestlemania. This year he may enter the match to be eliminated by someone who will be set to face him at Mania and the initial build up may very well start with his Rumble presence.

AJ Styles

Since his contract signing in WWE, he’s been rumored to enter into the Royal Rumble. Also, considering that the event is taking place in Orlando, Florida, the home of TNA, where he was the face for many years, he is expected to get a huge pop after his music being played. This only hyped up his debut. John Cena also posted an image of AJ Styles which indicates some big plans around him.


Sami Zayn

This man has made his main roster debut back in April last year where he showed up to accept John Cena’s open challenge. It was unfortunate that his shoulder blew up in between the match causing him out of action for several months. Though, in the storyline, it was shown that Kevin Owens caused him the injury. So Sami may very well show up to eliminate Owens and to re-culminate the much-talked rivalry from NXT.


Finn Balor

He is the NXT champion and there are chances that he may become the WWE champion as well at the same time. There were rumors that his Bullet club members have signed a contract with WWE. If that is the case then the chances are there to give him an entry to the main event and make an establishment for the Bullet club in the main roster.



The Swiss Superman has never been used to his potential and lagged behind further after suffering the shoulder injury. It’s time for WWE to bring his talent to the main event potential and the process should be started from the Royal Rumble PPV and making his return, thereby.

Triple H

Ever since Reigns has destroyed Triple H at the TLC pay per view, he has been warned that The Game will come back for his revenge and he will not see it coming. Also from a storyline perspective, Triple H has to enter the Royal Rumble event, vowing his revenge and setting up his match against Reigns at Fastlane or Wrestlemania. The COO of the company should be booked properly, though, considering that Brock Lesnar will also be involved in the match.


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