Revealed: Shane McMahon’s earning for the Wrestlemania appearance

Arindam Paul / 05 March 2016

Vince McMahon is all set to score high with business deals and, this time, he will make it out of his son. Shane McMahon is pulling out all the stops to perform to his fullest for his Wrestlemania appearance. Not only that, he and his father is about to earn a lot of pennies if the statistical data release turns out to be true.

According to the financial data release from the company i.e. WWE, Shane has not signed a deal like other performers do. He does not even have any sort of executive role doing in the Headquarter of WWE at Stamford, Connecticut. WWE will have to pay Shane in excess of $120,000 for his role as a performer at Wrestlemania 32 and the presences that he will make prior to the mega event. And, the deal can follow with further incentives depending on the success of the show.

Shane McMahon returned to RAW interrupting Vince presenting his daughter Stephanie with the Vince J McMahon legacy award. “The Money” was present on RAW after a long hiatus of six years and fans present at the arena and all over the world just couldn’t stop going ga-ga over the moment, making it trending worldwide. Shane decided to claim his demand on taking over RAW.

His father agreed to hand him provided he defeated The Undertaker in a Hell In a Cell match at WrestleMania. Shane’s return was kept under wrap and only a handful of employees backstage were aware of the development but that was the one shocking moment that WWE gave us in years.

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