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WWE Raw Superstar Ricochet would become the new top free agent to hit the market around the 2024 summer. There have been speculations around the status of some of the top WWE talents as their contracts will be up in the coming weeks. The mid-carder from the WWE brand appears to be one of them and he’s decided to choose his own future when the time finally comes.

According to the reports of Mike Johnson of PWInsider, who already consulted with multiple sources, Ricochet has officially given notice to the WWE about his intention to leave upon the expiration of his contract. Now that the official notice has come, we will likely see him moving out of the WWE storylines, pretty soon.

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Johnson further highlighted the support within the industry toward Ricochet who arguably wasn’t properly utilized per his talent in the company over the past several years. A source also praised him for “betting on himself.” This sentiment suggests that the leaving star is viewed favorably for taking control of his career which could eventually make him one of the most sought-after talents in the wrestling world,

“One source we spoke with said they were giving Ricochet ‘all the credit in the world for betting on himself.’ One would think he’ll quickly be a hot commodity as a free agent.”

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Ricochet could reunite with Will Ospreay after WWE exit

In a recent interview with Liam Crowley of ComicBook.com, Will Ospreay reflected on his history with Ricochet, expressing some disbelief over how people are forgetting them as a duo. He also intended to reunite with the WWE Superstar in the future which could be one of the reasons that the latter is leaving the company,

“I keep up with him all the time and sometimes I get a little bit sad about it. I hope he’s not sad and I hope he’s real happy. All of these high-flyers that you see, and myself included, we all took inspiration from Pac and Ricochet.”

Ricochet is currently the WWE Speed Champion after winning the inaugural tournament and is set to defend against Andrade El Idolo which was taped last night and will be airing, later this week. Going by the spoilers, Andrade has already been crowned the new champion which suggests that the process of phasing out the former champion from TV has already begun.


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