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Roman Reigns has long been enjoying a part-time schedule with the WWE since the beginning of 2022 following Wrestlemania 38. In any match or show, The Tribal Chief gets presented in a rare manner that essentially makes him the biggest box office attraction in the current sports entertainment scenario.

As WWE would continue to utilize Roman Reigns in a part-time schedule throughout the post-Wrestlemania season, fans have already started to ponder how frequently they’d get to see The Tribal Chief on their TV. While that aspect remains uncertain, he isn’t hanging up his boots in the foreseeable future which should assure his fanbase to a big extent.

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Speaking on the Pat McAfee Show, Roman Reigns shed light on his future in the WWE, expressing that he doesn’t see himself retired from action, anytime soon. At 38 years old, he feels like he’s just scratching the surface of his true potential in terms of capability. While the experimentation and character’s growth will continue, there is so much more that he wants to achieve as a wrestler.

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Roman Reigns wants to keep pushing the boundaries for further achievements

Roman Reigns further expressed confidence in his ability as he continued to make history in the WWE while the company further allowed him to do so. Examples like WrestleMania main-events and record-setting title reigns also gave him a sense of determination to keep on pushing boundaries and setting new milestones. Hence, one shouldn’t expect WWE without his presence.

“I’m just scratching the surface. I’m still experimenting and figuring stuff out. I’m 38 years young. I’m a young man and have so much stuff to do. If we were able to do this in four years, imagine what we can conquer in another decade. The work has been put in. The skin still looks good. I don’t see it stopping anytime,” Roman Reigns continued.

“We’re about to set more records WrestleMania weekend with the main events. We’re chasing landmarks and different history marks with the title reign. There is so much history left to make. I don’t see it ever ending.”

Since the debut of his Head of the Table character back in 2020, Roman Reigns has been in unstoppable mode. Plus, Paul Heyman’s addition added to the overall presentation of his character and further added more layers to it, making it perhaps the greatest of all time.

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