Roman Reigns injured after Triple H’s attack

Arindam Paul / 24 February 2016

As seen at the end of RAW, a vicious beatdown was delivered to the former WWE World heavyweight champion Roman Reigns courtesy the reigning champion Triple H. The COO of the company interfered in the main event match attacking Reigns outside the ring and slammed Reigns’ head into the announce table many times. The attack resulted in what appeared to be Reigns getting busted open. The camera quickly changed his angle to dodge the bloody’ circumstances as WWE has gone PG these days.

The main event was a major late down considering a booed Roman Reigns was taking on another letdown Sheamus until the Game showed up to attack the Samoan Superman. The segment got a huge pop from the fans. Basically, the segment was to create sympathy for Reigns among the fans and that’s what exactly happened. Their volume had gone up after Reigns got busted open.

Though Reigns’ blood was not shown on television, he was caught bloodied backstage. A video was posted on Facebook
which shows the attack from a different angle, it appears as if Byron Saxton hands something to Reigns just before the blood is revealed.

Triple H giving the business. #nightsneak_jamez #detroit #timetoplaythegame #romanreigns #gettingtheoldschooltreatment#attitudeera #dx #nightsneak

Posted by Jamez Wood on Monday, February 22, 2016


The speculation was that Reigns might have been intentionally got blooded. And, particularly when Saxton handed which might contain something like blood capsule. Nevertheless, the segment was successful to capture the sentiment of the crowd.

Reigns had also posted tweets which show the picture of his post-treated busted nose. He quoted “This is not a game anymore” and “1st post surgery pic. Countdown to the ass-whooping of H’s life starts now”

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