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Royal Rumble 2016 full results and videos: Triple H wins, AJ Styles debuts

Watch full highlights of Royal Rumble 2016 here:


Kick-off match: Darren Young and Damien Sandow vs. the Dudley Boyz vs. the Ascension vs. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger

Nothing much was there for the kick-off show to watch out for. The lower mid card tag team match is was not enough worthy, only the stipulation was there to enter the Royal Rumble 2016 match and the result was quite unexpected. Mark Henry got another chance to enter into the Royal Rumble by winning the opening contest alongside the real American Jack Swagger.

Winner: Mark Henry and Jack Swagger


Last man standing match for Intercontinental championship: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

This was outstanding in nearly every way. Matches like this require further big spots in the live events.These two know how to put on a fight, especially with weapons, and they tore the house to the ground. WWE should take credit by rightly booking the match. The finishing saw Owens sets up four chairs in the middle of the ring. Owens goes up on the top rope. Ambrose sends Owens through the tables on the outside to pick up the victory. 

Winner: Dean Ambrose retains Intercontinental Title


United States championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto

Nothing much can be said about the match as this one was purely not worthy one to book in a pay per view. This was an ok type match because of both the Mexicans has a chemistry of their own. They may have been a bit sloppy but Del Rio is a good bully to Kalisto’s underdog fighting from behind. The final outcome came as a shocker, though, as WWE decided to give the masked Luchagor once again with the US title at Royal Rumble. Now it’s time to book Kalisto rightly for his heading towards Wrestlemania.

Winner: Kalisto wins the US championship

Divas championship: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

The match was good and the crowd was firmly behind Lynch, a testament to the work put in leading up to this. But the finish was AWFUL. Becky got the Disarmher but Ric Flair jumped up on the apron and threw his jacket over her face. She let it go to chase after him and Charlotte used the advantage to get an eye poke they didn’t catch and a second spear for the pin. That’s a rubbish way to get to a finish here. Though, after the ending, Sasha Banks showed up, much delight for the crowd and hopefully the boss is all set to take over the genetically superior Diva post-Royal Rumble scenario.

Winner: Charlotte retains the Divas championship


Tag Team championship: The New Day vs. The Usos

The comedy was absolutely enjoyable before the match but not the match itself. The funniest part was that the new day managed to gather the whole crowd through a brand new trombone. The encounter was seen before and so the outcome was not really mentioned worthy as there really were no characters as opponents for the tag champs. All in all, it’s just fun wrestling for the sake of fun wrestling and the funny guys retained their title at Royal Rumble.

Winner: The New Day retains their tag titles


The Royal Rumble match for the WWE World heavyweight championship

WWE tried everything to save Reigns from a crowd who were ready to boo Roman reigns once again without any such reasons whatsoever. So they used League of Nations to beat him up to turn the crowd’s attention to another subplot i.e. Brock Lesnar vs. Wyatt family. Reigns even refused to be carried out in a stretcher as this is not likely to the main star like him at this point. Triple H made his absolutely expected return to get booed upon and the presence of Dean Ambrose in the final moments was once again to get him booed upon his win. The entire story though did work somehow. The Authority is about to tell the same story for setting up the big finale for Wrestlemania 32.

Winner: Triple H wins the Royal Rumble and the WWE title for 14th time


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