Salary Revealed Of WWE Legend Goldberg For Saudi Arabia Show

WWE News: Salary Revealed Of WWE Legend Goldberg For Saudi Arabia Show

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WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg has come back to compete at this year’s Summerslam making all the speculations true. There were reports available long before the PPV event that several legends will be competing in the biggest event of the summer. The former WCW franchise is one of them whereas Trish Stratus will also be competing on the show to make it a huge affair.

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Before this, Goldberg last appeared in a WWE ring at the Super ShowDown PPV in Saudi Arabia. He lost in this main event match to The Undertaker which was perhaps the worst outing for both of them. However, the Saudi Arabia PPV shows are infamous for throwing away huge paychecks to the main-eventers despite what their performance may have been.

So no matter what, Goldberg had perhaps the biggest payday of his career so to speak for performing at Super ShowDown. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he earned a seven-figure amount from the PPV show. The amount is a whopping $1million for that one match only against The Undertaker at the Saudi Arabia show.

The interesting note from Meltzer is that it is the same amount of money WWE gave him throughout his first stint of 2003-04. Now you won’t have to wonder what brings him back to the squared circle even at this 50-plus of age. It won’t be shocking at all if he continues to perform in more Saudi Arabia shows in the future. Here’s more on the salary of Goldberg from the veteran pro-wrestling journalist,

“Goldberg’s figure for the one match was considerably more than his one year contract when he came to WWE in 2003-04 ($1 million downside for eight dates per month), but less than his WCW contract ($3 million per year) when he was at his peak.”

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were the other two marquee performers of the Super ShowDown PPV event. Meltzer noted that they might have received almost the same amount to that of Goldberg. Lesnar must have made even more than $1 million for that one short appearance where he did not even compete in a match. With Paul Heyman in charge, it is likely that all of these megastars will make sporadic in-ring appearances for the WWE in the near future.