WWE News: Huge Shocker Planned For Goldberg At Summerslam

WWE News: Huge Shocker Planned For Goldberg At Summerslam

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One of the big matches of Summerslam will witness the return of Goldberg to the squared circle. After the worst contest of his life at Super ShowDown, the legend will be competing in order to erase the bitterness. This time around, Dolph Ziggler will be his opponent since he has a problem with pro-wrestling legends.

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Now the initial belief is that Goldberg must be having a squash match against Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam. At a 50-plus age, the legendary superstar is certainly not worthy of competing in a lengthy match. So a short but compact match will make him look good inside the ring. Additionally, it’s almost evident that the returnee will pick up a big win.

However, WWE could swerve us all as the latest reports indicate that a shocking end to the match is in-store. Brad Shepard mentioned on Oh, You Didn’t Know Podcast that someone in the WWE creative process pitched an idea of Ziggler stealing a win over Goldberg at Summerslam. This is just one of the finishes that the officials are nurturing at this point,

“There was talk this week over giving Dolph a dirty victory over Goldberg which, of course, was an idea that was thrown out — it does not mean it will happen at all. Again, I want to be clear for the extra stupid, it’s an internal conversation they had as they’re working through the creative process on this match and it’s an idea they threw out.” (courtesy ringsidenews.com)

The match happens on Toronto, Ontario, Canada where Goldberg actually made his comeback, three years ago. The expectation is that the crowd will give him a slight ovation while he makes his grand entrance. He will handle business from there predictably for a victory. However, it’s Summerslam which brings the unthinkable circumstances. So you never know what the creative will have in-store on this Sunday.

Shepard also added that there’s a reason why WWE chose Dolph Ziggler to face Goldberg. He is one of the best amateur wrestlers that WWE ever had who can really make his opponent look good,

“At the end of the day Dolph Ziggler can make Goldberg look good, so that’s really what it’s about.”

The show-off has put over numerous stars throughout his career. It’ll be no surprise if he does the same for a legendary name, this time around.