Sara Calaway, Michelle McCool – Facts About Undertaker Wife and Family

Sara Calaway, Michelle McCool – Facts About Undertaker Wife and Family

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Sara Calaway, Michelle McCool – Facts About Undertaker Wife and Family ∼The Undertaker gimmick will always be the brightest idea that Vince McMahon had come up with. He desperately needed someone to carry Monday Night Raw brand starting from the 90s. Well, Vince found Mark Calaway as the trusted shoulder. With his ‘supernatural powers’, he rescued The Boss all the way. Being the most loyal employee, The Undertaker has been there in good or bad times.

Now we know this man better known as The Deadman who can pull off the impossible into possible. His inhuman actions, as well as the entrance, gives us goosebumps. Whenever that bell tolls and the arena goes dark, we can feel chills going down through our spine. There has not been any moment that the Phenome failed to deliver or impress us.

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Sara Calaway, Michelle McCool – Facts About Undertaker Wife and Family

Now, most of us do know about his career accolades. He is performing in the WWE for more than 28 years to become The Myth in this business. But going beyond this gimmick, there’s been an Undertaker family. Also, we can inform you about the Undertaker wife that counts three after starting the career in the 80s. In this article, we want to give you an insider look about The Undertaker wife and family.

Mark William Calaway born on March 24 in 1965 in Houston, Texas. The Undertaker family includes his parents, Frank Compton Calaway (died July 22, 2003) and Betty Catherine Truby. The couple had four other sons namely David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy. Mark was the youngest of them who attended the Waltrip High School. He picked up the nag of sports by becoming a member of the football and basketball teams.

He completed his graduation in 1983 and began studying at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas under a basketball scholarship. The Undertaker family let him study at the Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas. His topic of study was sports management. During this time The Undertaker used to play basketball for the Rams (1985–1986 season) as a centre.

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Later he determined to become a sportsman and dropped out of the college. He pursued professional basketball in Europe for sometimes before moving into the pro-wrestling industry. Calaway started his career under the WCCW banner before moving to the WCW promotion. Later, Vince McMahon took him under the wings and rebranded him as The Undertaker. It gave birth to a horror-themed entity possessing scare tactics and supernatural powers.

This character continued to grow the legacy of Calaway in the pro-wrestling world. In the meantime, The Undertaker family started to grow. The first Undertaker wife arrived on the scene courtesy of a without any connection from wrestling. Jodi Lynn was the first Undertaker wife. The next two would be Sara Calaway and Michelle McCool Calaway who are from the wrestling industry.

The Undertaker met Jodi Lynn back in the 80s. Once their love story started, they decided to tie the knot at an early age. He was just 24 while committing the first marriage with Jodi Lynn in 1989. As expected, the marriage did not turn out to be a successful one. After spending a decade with Mark, Jodi Lynn went through legal separation process in 1999. The Undertaker wife had a son named Gunner from this relationship in 1993.

Sara Calaway, The Undertaker, Sara Calaway Death
Sara Calaway, The Undertaker. Image Credits: Twitter

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WWF wrestler, Sara Calaway turned out to be the second Undertaker wife. The couple tied the knot in 2000, the very next year when ‘Taker’s first marriage came to an end, legally. It happened through a private ceremony in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 21st. Sara Calaway was part of a storyline angle with her husband once they became together after the wedding.

In 2001, Sara Calaway made her first appearance on WWF TV. The company acknowledged her as The Undertaker wife on TV during the feud between Calaway and Diamond Dallas Page. She was playing a valet role for the Deadman throughout this time. The Undertaker wife made a major impact in his career, and he got a tattoo. Carved on his throat, it read ‘Sara’, named after Sara Calaway.

Sara Calaway
Sara Calaway Death. Image Credits: Twitter

Sara Calaway added two daughters to the Undertaker family during their marital life. Those are Chasey (born November 21, 2002) and Gracie (born May 15, 2005). This relationship was not successful either. Sara Calaway was no more the Undertaker wife from 2007 onwards. They called it a quit after filing a divorce. The tattoo named after Sara Calaway was there no more on Undertaker’s throat. He replaced it with two daughters’ name around his neck.

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Some might accuse Michelle McCool of this unfortunate incident. But The Undertaker family might have found the most important person to date. Calaway started romantically involved with Michelle McCool from 2007 onwards. They kept the relationship secret until social media sites broke. They got married in 2010 via a quiet ceremony in ‘Taker’s home state of Houston, Texas.

Michelle McCool herself is a legend in the women’s wrestling on her rights. She entered the company in 2004 through the Diva Search contest. Later she went on to become one of the most important champions in the female division. Laycool was the strongest heel faction back in 2009-10 who rules the roster. Michelle McCool became a four-time Women’s Champion including the first-ever unified Divas and Women’s Champion.

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WWE recently included her in the 15 most important names in the history of Smackdown. It hints the 3rd Undertaker wife was a key figure for the WWE programming. Michelle McCool gave birth to Kaia Faith Calaway, on August 29, 2012. It was Undertaker’s fourth child, whereas, Michelle McCool had her first baby through this marriage.

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We should also note that Michelle McCool is The Undertaker wife number three. Before that, McCool herself was a married woman. She earlier married Jeremy Louis Alexander, her high school sweetheart. The relationship came to an end in 2006 when Michelle McCool started to become a significant name on WWE TV. Just after that she came close to the Undertaker and expressed love for him.

Undertaker and Michelle McCool are quite happy in their daily life. Undertaker wife often posts updates of their regular life hinting how careful her husband really is. In fact, the Deadman also broke in-ring character for her at Wrestlemania 33. After the loss against Roman Reigns, he kissed Michelle McCool who was sitting at ringside.

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In 2016, scary news broke regarding Undertaker wife, as Michelle McCool developed skin cancer. As per her Instagram post, she had ‘holes cut out of her body due to skin cancer’. We did not receive details on this, though. But Undertaker family might be doing okay considering Michelle McCool made a comeback at women’s Royal Rumble match. Speculations are, she might feature in a match at Women’s Evolution PPV event, too.

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