Sasha Banks Believes COVID-19 Pandemic Upped In-Ring Skills In WWE

Sasha Banks Believes COVID-19 Pandemic Upped In-Ring Skills In WWE

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is recently been named the top-most wrestler in the entire world for the bygone year 2020. She did work hard to earn this accolade after having the best year of her WWE career, to date. Additionally, she managed to pull off this rare accolade in a year where the wrestling world hit the biggest brake in the form of the coronavirus pandemic.

Apparently, that helped Sasha Banks to heighten her in-ring skills to a whole new level. WWE was forced to withdraw its touring schedule when the pandemic hit. The company stayed within Florida for all sorts of television tapings be it NXT or main roster TV. Now, that appeared to be a very welcoming change for most of the talents who are located in Florida.

Sasha Banks Believes COVID-19 Pandemic Upped In-Ring Skills In WWE 1

Sasha Banks recently appeared on the Normal Not Normal podcast where she ran through WWE’s schedule change due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The entire WWE crew used to be in a flying mode, all over the country before, forcing the superstars to work in a crazy travel schedule. But these days more flexibility is available for her as she lives in Florida.

Due to the minimum number of appearances in a month or week, Sasha Banks can also feel that her body is responding very positively to that as opposed to the earlier travel schedule. This eventually ended up improving her performance all over.

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“You have no idea how much I think that has changed my career, for real. It has changed my career so much because I used to be on the road five-to-six days out of the week and I’m not just talking about like in one state. I’m driving five-to-six hours to different states every single day. But we’re not just talking about driving, I’m talking about flying as well, early in the morning and I’m not just talking about flying and I’m talking about wrestling too my brother. I am beating my body.”

Sasha Banks is thankful for residing in Florida

“Now, thankfully that I live in Florida I’m so thankful. It is once a week. I feel like the part-time, my body, it is in the best shape it’s ever been in, I am sleeping so good. My match quality has just raised the roof up. My body just feels awesome.” (Quotes courtesy POST Wrestling)

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Sasha Banks Believes COVID-19 Pandemic Upped In-Ring Skills In WWE 2

Sasha Banks must not be the only person who noticed this kind of improvement in her in-ring work. Almost each of the superstars received this unusual schedule and was ultimately favored in many ways. They could have also spent some time with their family as much as possible.

Sasha Banks was named Sports Illustrated Wrestler of the Year in 2020 for a reason. In 2020, she won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, RAW Women’s Championship, and the Smackdown Women’s Championship. The Boss also had a tremendous rivalry with Bayley that marked the beginning of her first reign with the Smackdown Women’s Title.