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Many believe that the real-life couple Karrion Kross and Scarlett will make a hit on-screen pair, too on WWE TV. However, things didn’t go as planned as they were forced to leave the big league within a year of joining. As reported earlier, the two were released from their WWE contract amid a COVID-119 related budget cut.

While Karrion Kross witnesses success in NXT by becoming a two-time NXT Champion, Scarlett was never been able to showcase her in-ring skills on WWE TV. Apparently, she was preparing for that new role of becoming an in-ring athlete in WWE before the company released her on November 4.

Scarlett revealed in a recent virtual meet and greet hosted by The Asylum Wrestling Store that she was focusing on training to be a full-time wrestler. During the conversation, she also specifically noted the fact that WWE only hired her to be a manager to accompany Kross to the ring during the latter’s NXT career.

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Ex WWE NXT Star Scarlett Reveals Why The Company Specifically Hired Her 1

“I always wanted to be able to do everything, but managing has always been my favorite thing,” Scarlett stated during the interview. “So, originally I was hired specifically to be a manager, which I was super excited about. And then I was always open to doing everything. I love bumping.

I love wrestling. And naturally throughout every place I’ve worked at, eventually it transitions into wrestling. I feel like that happened with every female manager in WWE. So I just kinda naturally expected that to happen. And then when it started to come up earlier this year that I was gonna start wrestling I was like, ‘Cool. Let’s do it. Hell yeah.’ So, that was kinda how it happened.”

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Scarlett had no official match in WWE

During her entire WWE tenure, Scarlett featured only in one single match and that too wasn’t a TV match. It was a dark match against Shotzi Blackheart in June ahead of a taped edition of Smackdown on FOX. This move was believed to be a potential call-up to the former Smoke Show host in Impact.

Ex WWE NXT Star Scarlett Reveals Why The Company Specifically Hired Her 2

Scarlett also compared her time in WWE to that of Impact Wrestling. Although it did feel like an official job with bound timing, this stint allowed her to buy her first home,

“And NXT, because of WWE, I was able to buy our first house. It felt like everything became adult. It felt a lot like a 9-to-5 job. But I just feel like a stronger, better performer, and all-around I’m the strongest I’ve ever been bodywise. I don’t know. I feel like a new and improved version for what I’m about to do.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

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