Seth Rollins’ speedy recovery, his speculated early return schedule before Wrestlemania

Arindam Paul / 03 February 2016

Seth Rollins was the WWE world heavyweight champion for almost half of the year and rightly so because is considered to be one of the best all-round Superstars on the current roster. The champ had to relinquish his title last year when he severely injured himself against a match with Kane in between WWE’s tour of United Kingdom.

Rollins damaged his anterior cruciate ligament, his medial collateral ligament and tore his meniscus while attempting a sunset flip powerbomb on the Big Red Monster Kane.

The speculation was that the injury would sideline him for nearly 6-9 months and his return will happen around next year Summerslam. It should be noted that he never lost his championship.

According to sources, his recovery is ahead of schedule and due to the increasing list of injuries, an early return is indeed on the cards. WWE has recently posted a list on the potential superstars’ return who will be on the Wrestlemania 32 card and shockingly Rollins has made his name in the list. This has generated a lot speculation among the fans about the early return.

If Rollins does show up at Wrestlemania it will be nothing short of a miracle but no handy opponent is available as of right now who would face the Architect. Triple H was scheduled to face Rollins at the Dallas mega show but now he is booked to face Reigns to defend the newly won WWE title. So, the scenario is not clear whether his return will be for wrestling somebody at the grandest stage.

Though, after listening to his Slammy speech, it is believed that he will return as a babyface and that babyface will collide against Triple H this year at Summerslam.

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