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Shane McMahon Net Worth and Salary

Shane McMahon Net Worth – Shane McMahon Salary
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Shane McMahon Net Worth and Salary ∼ Shane McMahon is perhaps the most popular among all of the McMahon family. His appeal to the audience is much more rather than his daughter, brother-in-law and his father, too. Unfortunately, the company did not involve him much into the ventures over the years. This might draw a conflict later at one point once Vince McMahon steps down from his position. Technically, he should be his successor once Sr. McMahon hands over the duties.

Shane McMahon Net Worth

But the fact that his son was away from the WWE scene might not allow taking control of the company in the future. However, it would definitely not affect Shane McMahon net worth at all. When it comes to the McMahons, they are born rich. Their incomes come from multiple sources taking it to a new height. The prodigal son is no less than his father and sister when it comes to dollars.

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According to the reports of, Shane McMahon net worth is around $35 million. This is a way better figure than his daughter Stephanie McMahon who owns almost $25 million, as per the reports. It’s even a better figure than WWE COO Triple H. So he is the richest among the possible name that might take over WWE later. Some might not know that Shane McMahon salary and net worth comes mostly through outside ventures of the WWE.

Born on January 15, 1970, in Gaithersburg, Maryland Shane Bradon McMahon is a minority owner of WWE. He holds 2 percent of the shares of the company. But he does not play any key role while running things except for drawing amount from these shares. Rather he is busy on his own ventures.

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He is the vice-chairman of Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. formerly known as Wecast Holdings Inc. The company‘s base is reportedly situated in the eastern region of the globe which is why he stays away from the United States of America. He gave resignations from the CEO post of the organization in 2016 but remains the Vice Chairman of the Board and the principal executive officer.

Shane McMahon Net Worth
Shane McMahon Net Worth. Image Credits: Twitter

It was the same reason why WWE did not see him for almost eight years after leaving during the last decade. But Shane McMahon net worth in terms of popularity was undeniable. So his father had to bring him back to the company in 2016 which changed the landscape of the company.

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It was necessary to change the direction of WWE programming which was becoming stale. A power struggle happened evidently splitting Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live. Stephanie received the red brand whereas Shane received the blue brand.

Shane McMahon Salary

It is worth to note that Shane McMahon does not possess any creative control over Smackdown Live unlike Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The couple acts as two of the head honchos of the flagship show as well as the NXT brand. But the ‘prodigal son of the WWE’ is only a paid performer who just acts on behalf of the programming. WWE gives away Shane McMahon salary due to his performances just like any other superstars who appear on the shows.

Shane McMahon Salary
Shane McMahon Net Worth and Salary. Image Credits: WWE

But the amount of his payment is quite high considering the marquee attraction he is. The name of Shane-O-Mac on a PPV match card is more than enough to sell out the show. So the creative team uses him tactically whenever they feel so.

This took Shane McMahon salary to a whopping amount of $2.15 million, as per the revelations of The salary package includes his role as the Smackdown Live commissioner as well as a bonafide wrestler on special occasions.

There are conflict reports available on Shane McMahon salary, though. reports that he received much less than his daughter in terms of payment. Stephanie McMahon draws a salary of $2.2 million, per annum whereas Shane gets a paycheck of $1.3 million. This figure is quite similar to that of the regular prime members of the roster that include Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and AJ Styles.

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The same source also disclosed that Triple H earned way less in the year 2017 than these two. He got only $650000 for his role in the WWE as a performer. But his total earning reached new heights courtesy of ‘performance fees and royalties’ that stood $3.2 million. It was even a better figure than Vince McMahon, the CEO of the company. Forbes listed him in 1394th spot amongst the billionaires who has $1.8 billion. But when it comes to salary, Vince has drawn $1.4million with his overall pay eventually reaching $3million.

Shane Mcmahon
Shane McMahon Net Worth. Photo Credit: WWE.

Shane McMahon net worth reaching to $35 million also owes a big thanks to his position of being the co-owner of Indian Larry Motorcycle shop in Brooklyn, New York. His property list includes various cars indicating how much luxurious life he leads. A Bentley Continental GT worth more than $200,000 belongs to his possession alongside others.

As far as his works in WWE is concerned, He was the co-founder of way back in his career. He is actually working for his father’s company from 15 years onwards. Later, McMahon handed him the role of the executive vice president of WWE Global Media.

Duties of this post included live event bookings, digital media, WWE products, and international overseas TV rights and distribution. He maintained the position starting from 2003 to 2010 before stepping down. Rumours suggest that there were some miscommunications that forced him to leave the company and focus on his own ventures.

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As per reports from, Shane McMahon salary witnessed increment after becoming the CEO of You on Demand, VOD as well as PPV service at China in the same year. He also served in the role of CEO of China Broadband, Inc. and the board of the sports agency, International Sports Management.

Shane McMahon Net Worth And Salary
Shane McMahon Net Worth. Image Credits: Twitter

The joint business ventures helped him to maintain his ‘Money, Money’ gimmick even after staying away from the WWE scene for multiple years. WWE decided to let him bring back only by reopening the account of Shane McMahon salary only as a performer.

Currently, the officials do not have any suitable role for him on Smackdown Live. So he is staying away from the scene going back to operate the business projects. We expect him to come back during any of the bigger events like Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.

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He enjoys the time with his family while staying away from the TV. The 48-year-old veteran married Marissa Mazzola in September 1996. They are in a strong relationship since blessed with three sons. We have seen glimpses of Declan James (born February 13, 2004), Kenyon Jess (born March 22, 2006), and Rogan Henry (born January 20, 2010) on TV. They accompanied their father at Wrestlemania 32 in his comeback match against The Undertaker. Shane McMahon net worth has been on the rise.

Additionally, they also have front row sits during their father’s PPV matches. Shane McMahon net worth also got affected by his main event performer’s status. His popularity was there from the very beginning. People just love to watch the athletic ability he brings inside the ring. WWE handed him only two titles which are the European Championship (1-time) and the Hardcore Championship (1-time). But he featured in multiple PPV matches over the years that earned him the fame of being a death-defying superstar in the company. Shane McMahon net worth and salary is bound to increase.

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