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Drew McIntyre is one of the current top Superstars in the WWE who can be used as a main-event attraction on any given night. It’s good that the creative team of the WWE churned out a huge in him who was originally released from the WWE for lack of credibility. Since his return in 2017, he’s cemented himself as one of the main draws over the past couple of years.

Drew McIntyre is a former two-time WWE Champion who was the face of the company during the tough pandemic era during the entire 2020. The good times continued for him in early 2021 but then he was used to putting over Bobby Lashley to get downgraded. Now, the UK-native has been sent to Smackdown, and 2022 could be another good year for him, as per the recent reports.

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Smackdown: WWE Has Big Plans For Drew McIntyre In 2022 1

As per WWE advertisements, Drew McIntyre was set to feature in a six-man tag team match at home shows with The New Day to take on Roman Reigns and The Usos. The top bouts for the January live events now have been modified, with Drew facing the reigning Universal Champion in singles contests. This certainly hints that a top feud might be on the card of the blue brand over the title.

Drew McIntyre could become the next challenger for Universal Title

In storyline-perspective, Drew McIntyre believes that he was denied a title shot as he was left out of a Black Friday battle royal, a few weeks ago and thereby he was excluded from the race of becoming the next challenger for the Universal Title. While the card for McIntyre vs. the Universal Champion is subject to change, big planning is likely to materialize now that Day 1 PPV is over.

Under almost two-decade of experience by his name, Drew McIntyre is a veteran in the business. If utilized properly then the superstar could carry WWE forward for multiple years to follow. Recently, he sat down with Fansided to talk about his career. It was questioned during the conversation whether he is on the back end of his career.

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Smackdown: WWE Has Big Plans For Drew McIntyre In 2022 2

But, according to Drew McIntyre however, he’s nowhere near to retiring. He believes that at least one more decade of wrestling is left in him,

“I ain’t going anywhere. I’ll be here as long as I possibly can. I’m 36 years old, everybody thinks I am in my mid-40’s because I debuted when I was so young. I still have at least 10 years in me. Don’t count me out yet.”


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