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Stephanie McMahon appeared to be a genuine surprise as she kicked things off on the Night Two of WrestleMania 40. Last night’s show opened with McMahon coming to the ring, welcoming fans to the show saying that she has now been a part of every WrestleMania since the very first edition in 1985.

Interestingly, it was also brought up that Wrestlemania 40 was the first one to be fully run by her husband Triple H. This was another indication to note that Vince McMahon was fully gone from the scene.

“I think WrestleMania 40 might be the one that I am the most proud of because this is the first WrestleMania of the Paul Levesque era,” Stephanie McMahon said. “And tonight we have people from 64 countries and all 50 states, all of us coming together from different backgrounds, different beliefs to share this one thing that we love that brings us all together. And nobody understands that better than Triple H.”

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Triple H commented on Stephanie McMahon appearance at Wrestlemania 40

Stephanie McMahon ended the kick-off Wrestlemania segment by asking the crowd if they were ready after stealing a catchphrase from her husband. After the show, Triple H talked about the appearance and he was happy to see his wife’s confidence while coming back in the last few days. She’s officially back in WWE after resigning from the board, last year.

For the first time since her leave from the WWE, Stephanie McMahon was seen on live television during this past weekend’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. She was seen seated next to her husband Triple H, the WWE Chief Content Officer. She wore a hat with the ECW logo attached, similar to one she wore when she became the on-screen owner of ECW during the Invasion angle back in 2001.

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PWInsider previously suggested that there is a positive belief within WWE that Vince McMahon’s resignation should pave the way for her daughter’s comeback into the company and that’s what perhaps happened,

“There are some in WWE hoping Vince McMahon’s resignation opens the door for Stephanie McMahon to return. Although others spoken to cautioned that it’s not the same company that existed (internally) before Endeavor took over ownership so how she might potentially fit back in would not be immediately known.”

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