Rhea Ripley’s Incredible Strength: WWE Veteran Shares Story

Rhea Ripley’s Incredible Strength: WWE Veteran Shares Story

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WWE NXT Superstar Rhea Ripley is often considered to be a freak of nature for her incredible physique. She’s just 23 who looks way stronger than her contemporaries present in the WWE’s developmental territory.

The Australian Superstar has also been taunted for her physique in the past by the WWE fans. But she had enough courage to defend those body-shamers, in styles.

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One man who was able to witness the rise of Rhea Ripley, first hand on NXT, is none other than former WWE superstar and producer, Lance Storm.

He took to Twitter to share his experience when he got to see the raw power of display from the female wrestler of WWE. He revealed how she upheld him for sometimes in the air on the floor just like she uses to do with the opponents in the ring.

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Lance Storm previously worked extensively with Rhea Ripley in the past, helping her to grow and improve as he was a trainer at the Performance Center. He later joined the WWE as a producer but the stint came to an end, this past April. Due to the budget cuts of the company, they chose to release or furlough several talents and producers. Lance ended up being one of those names.



As for Rhea Ripley, she may not be sitting at the very top of the NXT women’s division right now, but there’s no denying on hoe she dominated the brand, a few months back.

From her dominant reign with the Women’s Championship to her WrestleMania match with Charlotte Flair, she’s already proved her worth to be a bonafide star. The best part is that she’s nowhere near to be on her prime, yet.


As mentioned earlier, Rhea Ripley has been pretty famous among the WWE Universe for her unique look which she decided to change a month ago. She was on a vacation after taking care of the NXT storyline with the Robert Stone Brand during night one of the Great American Bash.

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Alongside her boyfriend Demetri ‘Action’ Jackson, Rhea Ripley was happy to reveal her new hair color. She received immense praise for her updated look. She then carried the same while coming back on TV but that didn’t help her to get back to the NXT Women’s Title Picture. She ended up losing the number-one contender’s match against Dakota Kai on this past episode of NXT.