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Summer Rae had quite the good times in the WWE during her heyday, last decade. Starting as a dancer in the company, she ended up becoming a full-time performer and earned the accolade of being a wrestler. Plus, she also gained huge popularity with the innovation of the popular reality TV series, Total Divas.

After getting released from the WWE due to injury issues, she moved away from wrestling capacity and became a full-fledged model who kept on traveling the world, every now and then. Over time, she has also entered the world of cryptocurrency. Last year, Summer Rae joined Cornerstone Global Management LLC, a cryptocurrency company as their new Director of Marketing and Social Engagement.

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Ex Star Summer Rae Hints WWE To Get Involved In Cryptocurrency 1
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Now the former WWE Superstar had joined Crypto Currency with Matthew Moore to talk about cryptocurrency business and her time with WWE. Summer Rae had only good things to say about her four and a half year tenure with the WWE where she both wrestled and took part on E Network’s reality series Total Divas.

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Summer Rae provides expert opinion on cryptocurrency

Being the first-ever professional wrestler to explore the world of cryptocurrency, Summer Rae provided some expert opinion about WWE possibly joining the business.

“I’m sure they have a plan, I’m just not really familiar with it. Everyone is an independent contractor in WWE as well, you know, so we’re not employees of them. So everyone is kind of free to do whatever they want with their own money, so it would kind of be on an individual basis,” Summer Rae continued.

“WWE is so on their game, I find it very hard to think they don’t have a crypto portion somewhere in the headquarters, where they’re thinking about it, wondering how they can get in and they want to monetize things, they’re not stupid.”

“So, yeah like that would be a really cool option, you know. We have the video game with WWE 2K where I’m in the video game as well, which is crazy and such a cool trip.” (courtesy of Wrestling INC)

Ex Star Summer Rae Hints WWE To Get Involved In Cryptocurrency 2

Summer Rae was signed by WWE in 2011. After performing on NXT, she made her WWE main roster debut in 2013. A back injury was the apparent reason why she was released in 2017. Rae is a graduate of East Carolina University having a degree in Business and Marketing. So, the Cornerstone Global company rightfully wanted her to be the Director of Marketing and Social Engagement in early 2021.

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