Surprising Match Waiting For Roman Reigns At Summerslam 2019

WWE News: Surprising Match Waiting For Roman Reigns At Summerslam 2019

courtesy WWE

It’s hard to believe that the 32nd annual edition of Summerslam match card does not feature Roman Reigns in it. But WWE has not been able to declare a match for him on the show as the ongoing storyline is yet to reach a culmination point. So there are speculations whether he could show up on this Sunday night for a match. We have now received positive updates on this.

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This week’s Smackdown Live ended with Buddy Murphy disclosing to Roman Reigns that Rowan was the man behind the recent attacks which could have been life-threatening to him. We did not receive any confirmation whether the monster and his tag partner, Daniel Bryan was the mastermind behind this. So it would prevent from setting up and abrupt match at Summerslam evening.

However, there’s a piece of good news for Roman Reigns fans as WrestleVotes has noted that he will be in action, indeed. Buddy Murphy would be his opponent at Summerslam after what transpired on Smackdown. Reigns had to beat him up to reveal the truth and hence he may come to seek retribution in the form of a match. Here’s more from the source,

“There were discussions last night about adding Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy to the SummerSlam card after the angle that went down on SmackDown. Source said it wasn’t decided either way yesterday, but it remains a possibility as we get closer to the show this weekend.”

Meanwhile, also noted on this situation stating that WWE is trying different angles with this storyline so to produce a match at Summerslam. Roman Reigns may compete in a match on the biggest event of the summer but his opponent is yet to be official,

“SmackDown ended with a reveal that Rowan was responsible for the attacks on Roman Reigns, but we are told that may not be 100% set in stone as other ideas have been pitched. Reigns is slated to wrestle Daniel Bryan on a TON of live events coming out of Summerslam.” (courtesy

As noted here, Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan is going to be the next big feud on WWE programming once Summerslam gets over. Throughout the post-show events, they will be battling in house shows indicating that a marquee feud will kick-off. But it is yet not clear whether it begins at Summerslam or not. We will have to wait until this Sunday night to know more about this.