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Ten Misconceptions about WWE 

The World Wrestling Federation (WWE) did their job extremely well that we as a child (some even as grown up) didn’t know what was real and what kayfabe was. First of all, Keyfabe is defined as the portrayal of staged events within the industry as ‘real’ which includes the competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as genuine and not staged. Many of them doesn’t know what a face is and what a heel is. ‘Face’ refers to those wrestlers who are generally considered as a good guy while ‘Heel’ refers to those who are portrayed as bad guys. Add the innocence of childhood to the same, and this guaranteed some great misconceptions.

1. Kane and Undertaker are ‘real’ Brothers

The time when many of the past and the current generation kids started following WWE, the Big Red Monster Kane was known to them as the brother of The Phenom Undertaker with late Paul Bearer as their father. And many came to a conclusion that Kane and Undertaker were really brothers courtesy WWE storylines. According to Keyfabe, The Undertaker’s mother had an affair with Bearer and as a result, gave birth to a younger half-brother of The Undertaker, named Kane.

2. Undertaker ‘has’ seven lives

Undertaker has seven lives and possess some magical powers. But in reality, Undertaker is just a human being like all of us are and those scary things which he used to do whenever he comes are all a part of his gimmick to attract the audience.

3. John Cena ‘is the greatest wrestler’ of all-time

Ever since the introduction of PG era, the WWE has been depicting John Cena in such a way that a beginner would start assuming John Cena as the Greatest Wrestler of all time. But the truth is John Cena is not the best wrestler. He is a great entertainer and a solid in-ring worker but when it comes to being the best wrestler, Cena is far from it. Children (including me in my younger days) used to be a big fan of him and want him to win every match. This misconception was one of the reasons for the eventual success of Cena. Because of this, Cena’s merchandise became a massive hit among the kids and got a lot of revenue for WWE. This is one of the reason why WWE is hesitating in making Cena a heel as per fans’ desire. WWE is also aware that Cena is a role-model for kids and portraying him as a heel will have a huge impact in them. The likes of Kewin Owens, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, King Barrett and Sami Zayn are much better wrestlers than Cena in the current WWE roster.

4. Referees are ‘Dummy’

As a kid, it would be frustrating for the people to see their favourite wrestler lose some matches due to the referee’s dumbness. There are several instances when a wrestler is lost due to an outside interference or getting hit by a chair or a hammer or a championship belt or by using cheap shot while the referee is not noticing them. When they grew up and know the depths in WWE, they will realize that the referees are as important as the wrestlers who were performing in the ring and has a say in the duration of all the matches.

5. Bloods are ‘not real’

When people are young, most of them would have thought that wrestlers will use blood packets, red inks and even ketchup to showcase blood and hide them under the ring to use it later in the match. But the reality is the wrestlers bald themselves to bleed. Balding means refers to the practice of intentionally cutting oneself to provoke bleeding.

6. WWE ‘is for Kids’

Many have come to a conclusion that wrestling is for kids and found other stuff to follow. In reality, wrestling is not just for kids. When kids grow up and start to analyse the depth of wrestling, they will get to know what really wrestling is all about. It is for everyone out there who enjoys the art, appreciate the care that wrestlers put in to choreograph each move and realize the pain that superstars go through to entertain us.

7. Rivalries ‘are real’

Rivalries between two wrestlers in WWE will take place only inside the ring. When they are away from what they do the best, they are friends and most of them spend their life together. For example, Kewin Owens had a heated up rivalry with Sami Zayn in the past. But in reality, both Owens and Zayn are friends for over 15 years.

8. WWE ‘is the only’ Wrestling Company

Most of the fans, especially in India does not have exposure much of Pro Wrestling apart from WWE. So many of do not idea on what Pro-Wrestling is and think that WWE is the only wrestling company that is going around. Thanks to the introduction of Internet and Youtube, people got familiar to PWG, OVW, Ring of Honor, CZW etc. In reality, there are over 100 Pro Wrestling Companies.

9. The Undertaker is the Undertaker

The Undertaker is the Undertaker. But the truth is The Undertaker is not the Undertaker. It is not only Undertaker, but majority of the WWE roster does not have their real name in the company. Undertaker’s real name is Mark Calaway, Glenn Jacobs is known by the name Kane, Paul Levesque is Triple H and the most common name among all is Dwanye Johnson, which is the original name of WWE star The Rock, who went on to become a Hollywood actor. But there are some wrestlers who have their real name as the screen name in WWE. Those names includes The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesner, Kids; favourite John Cena, Randy Orton etc.

10. WWE is ‘not-scripted’

When we started following WWE, we thought that everything that took place inside the ring was not scripted. All the storylines, moves, chair shots etc. will create an impression like that would happen in real life too. And when we started to realize that it was scripted, many people started to lose their interest while some understood what pro wrestling is and stuck around with more interest. For those who ask Wrestling is scripted and why are you wasting time by following it? simply counter them by saying Even movies are scripted. Then why are you watching it by wasting your money?

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