The Rock has announced his much-anticipated return at the grandest of Wrestlemania and since then this news has been dominating the social media in recent weeks and more over the Rock is all over to create the hype even bigger as we are on our way to Royal Rumble to kick things for the road to Wrestlemania.

The proper role of the Brahma Bull for the Dallas mega show is still not known but the recent series of tweets from him points out that a major thing is in the pipeline for him which may come as a shocker.

The Great One has revealed in Twitter that he will make history in the upcoming Wrestlemania and added to it was some “next level sh**” exclusively planned for the WWE Universe. Over last week, TheRock has been tweeted a lot to make the stakes even higher for the WWE Universe. Below are some of the tweets from the Rock’s official Twitter account.


The announcement has cleared all of the uncertainty regarding his appearance and this would give a huge relief to Vince McMahon to a certain level. WWE is going all out to hype up the mega show of the year and a star power like The Rock creating constant speculations around his appearance is all WWE need to boost up the ratings.

However, a star like Rock should be put into good use in the show because even if the show becomes overhyped somehow people will remember Rock’s appearance considering his huge fan following. By going by the tweets and buzz around it is a sure thing that we are going to get a historic moment courtesy “The most electrifying man in all of the entertainment.”


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