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The Rock and Triple H created a memorable rivalry in the WWE that continued throughout the Attitude Era. They were extremely fond of each other as they shared great in-ring chemistry. Being two of the top Superstars of that era, they pushed each other to a limit that appeared to be new heights for contemporary professional wrestling stars.

During a recent live stream on former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz’s Instagram, The Rock reflected on his rivalry with Triple H. The Great One said in the session which also featured Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch that he pitched an idea at a WWE show in Atlanta, Georgia that made his then adversary, visibly angry.

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“So now, we’re called to Vince’s office and it’s me, Brian, Triple H, Vince, Stephanie, all of DX was in there. So I got this idea, I’m gonna make fun of how Triple H talks and Vince is like ‘oh sounds great! let me hear it’,” The Rock revealed during the conversation.

“And I could just see already Triple H, is like (angry). And we were, we were buddies but it was also very competitive. So Vince was like ‘come on Rock let me hear, let me hear the thing’. I was like, okay, got it.”

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The Rock vs. Triple H never took place at Wrestlemania

The Rock added that after building up the pitch, he gave the hardest part to Brian Gewirtz as he was supposed to imitate Triple H’s voice in front of everyone The Great One was reluctant of doing it himself, at first. Whether or not that pitch made it through the WWE creative, the program between the two legends remains an iconic one.

Triple H also recently reflected on his rivalry with The Rock and admitted that his biggest regret for him is that the two of them never faced off in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania. They were scheduled for a showdown at ‘Mania on a couple of occasions but the lineup was eventually changed.

The Rock Was Once “Gonna Make Fun Of How Triple H Talks” In WWE 2

On the road to WrestleMania 16, it seemed that WWE was setting up Triple H vs. The Rock for the Show of Shows, but instead, WWE decided to go in a different direction by booking a fatal four-way match, as revealed by The Game during an appearance on the Impaulsive podcast hosted by Logan Paul. They were then set to feature on the Wrestlemania 32 card but Rock’s Hollywood schedule didn’t allow him to feature in a match.

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