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The Streak and The Dead Man (Part 1) 

The undertaker, the name clarifies a lot. Not only in World Wrestling Entertainment, but in the history of Wrestling, The Undertaker is counted in the list of one of the best wrestlers. Since his debut in Survivor Series 1990, he is up to create a landmark in professional wrestling. In his 23 years WWE career, he worked on a couple of gimmicks, the first one is the current gimmick known as the ‘The Deadman’ gimmick which is very popular among the wrestling fans. The second one was ‘The American Bad Ass’ or ‘The Big Evil’ gimmick on which he worked for three years (2000-2003) which was also very much appreciated by the fans. From his long list of Achievements, the achievement which attracts people more is his unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania. Since 1991, he has fought in 21 different Wrestlemanias, and in all of them he came out victorious. Today, we will go through all of his his 21 matches in Wrestlemania. 1. Wrestleania VII : Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (match run time, 4:20 minutes) Since this match was his first Wrestlemania match and it did not take much time to come into the bottom line, obviously it was not one of his best Wrestlemania matches. The match was completely one sided. Snuka could not even make one single hard blow on the phenom. The match was not at all enjoyed by the fans sitting in Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena that day. However, this match was the beginning of the streak and once Undertaker pinned Snuka after the tombstone pile driver, he never stopped eating his opponents on Wrestlemania. Match Rating : 1.5/5 2. Wrestlemania VIII : Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Match run time, 6:36 minutes) However, this match did not go on for a long time, it was not a very bad match and it was surely better than his previous Wrestlemania match. The match was not one sided at all, it seemed like it can go either way. Jake Roberts puts on a very good contest in this match. To finish the match, Undertaker struck tombstone pile driver on Roberts outside the ring, after that he pushed him inside the ring to pin him. Match Rating : 2.5/5 3. Wrestlemania IX : Giant Gonzalez (Match run time, 7:33 minutes) The undertaker’s 3rd Wrestlemania match is the only match which he won by disqualification. In this match, Undertaker was absolutely manhandled by the eight foot tall freak of nature. The storyline was followed from Royal Rumble where Gonzalez eliminated Undertaker illegally from the Royal Rumble match. That was the beginning of that rivalry, however, it was pointed as the worst feud of the year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. 

 Match Rating : 2/5 4. Wrestlemania X : King Kong Bundy (Match Run TIme, 6:36 minutes) It was a dramatic match as Undertaker faced a member of The Million Doller Corporation, the team which he represtented in his WWE debut. The Major League Baseball Umpire Larry Young was he special guest referee in this match. It contained a great storyline, however, the match was not very good accrding to professional wrestling prospects. The ending of the match was really terrible. Undertaker just connected a bodyslam followed by a flying clothsline to end the match. Match Rating : 2/5 5. Wrestlemania XII : Diesel (Match Run TIme, 16:46 minutes) It was a great match and the best among Undertaker’s first five Wrestlemanias. It was a pretty long match, viewers thorughly enjoyed every single moment of the match. It was more interesting because both Undertaker and Diesel were very close in their shapes, both were nearly 7 feet tall, both weighted over 300 pounds. Both put on a great contest and at the end, Undertaker pinned Diesel with his finisher Tomb Stone Pile Driver Match Rating : 3.5/5 6. Wrestlemania XIII: Sycho Sid (Match Run TIme, 21:19 minutes minutes) Not only it is remembered because it was an awesome match, but there few other reasons as well. First, it WA Undertaker’s first title match at Wrestlemania, second, he starred in a main event of Wrestlemania for the first time. It had a superb storyline. As the champion Shawn Michaels was forfeited the title due to a knee injury, a fatal four way elimination match was scheduled at the ppv called ‘In Your House : Final Four’, where Bret Hart won the title. Just after a day Sycho Sid defeated Bret Hart stell Cage match to get the title. And after 34 days, Undertaker faced Sycho Sid at Wrestlemania in a no disqualification match which Undertaker won with a tombstone pile driver and got the WWF title after six years. Match Rating : 3.5/5 7. Wrestlemania XIV : Kane (Match run time, 16:48) Kane, not only a big name in Wrestling, but also he is Undertaker’s half brother. This match was the most anticipated match of Wrestlemania 14 along with Shawn Michaels vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. The match followed the path of an amazing storyline. Fans were dying to see two brothers fighting each other for months, which finally came into result at Wrestlemania 14. The match was superb, Undertaker had to connect three tombstone Pile Drivers to pin Kane.

Match Rating : 3.5/5 8. Wrestlemania XV : Big Boss man (Match run time, 9:48 minutes) This was the first Hell in a Cell match of Wrestlemania. There were lots of expectations from this match as Undertaker’s past Wrestlemania matches were really good, but this match was not upto that mark. It was not bad but not good either. It looked like it was too easy for undertaker to finish the match after a tomb stone pile driver. Match Rating : 2.5/5 9. Wrestlemania XVII : Triple H (Match run time, 18:52) A heck of a match that wrestling fans can not afford to miss! It had a great storyline in its background. The fight went on both inside and outside the ring, blood, chair, sledge hammer had descent involvements. Undertaker ended the match with a Last RIde. This was the last Wrestlemania of attitude Era and it is still one of the best!

Match Rating : 4/5 10. Wrestlemania XVIII : Ric Flair (Match run time, 18:47) However, the match went for a long time, Undertaker totally dominated the match. Flair was beaten badly by the dead man, he was busted open, when the nature boy could not cause any serious damage to the Undertaker. The match was pretty enjoyable though. Undertaker earned his tenth Wrestlemania victory after pinning Ric Flair with a last ride. Match Rating : 3/5 11. Wrestlemania XIX : Big Show and A-Train (Match Run Time, 9:42) The match was scheduled to be a tag team match as Nathan Jones was Undertaker’s tag team partner. But an early assault on Jones by Big Show and A-train forfeited him from the match and Undertaker had to face the two opponents single handedly. It seemed like a difficult job for Undertaker to deal with two big men single handedly. But Nathan Jones did make his entrance later in the match and helped Undertaker to pick up the victory over A-train after he pinned him with a tomb stone pile driver. This was Undertaker’s last match as The American Bad Ass gimmick. Match Rating : 2.5/5 12. Wrestlemania XX : Kane (Match Run TIme, 7:47) Kane was Undertaker’s first opponent to face him twice in Wrestlemania. In this match, Undertaker returned in his famous Deadman gimmick to face his brother who buried him alive in Survivor Series 2003 when he was competing against Vince McMahon in a buried alive match. At Wrestlemania Undertaker sought for the revenge on his half brother as he picked up the victory with Tomb Stone Pile Driver. Match Rating : 3/5

…..To Be Continued

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