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The Undertaker is perhaps the greatest character produced by the WWE or rather the brain of Vince McMahon. It’s hard to find pro-wrestling fanatics who aren’t fans of this character who has entertained the fans for more than three decades before hanging up his boots. Unfortunately, his daughter is one of those very few who doesn’t consider him to be his favorite.

Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls show recently welcomed The Undertaker as a guest on the Laugh Out Loud Network. During the interview, the iconic WWE Superstar spoke about his WrestleMania 34 match with John Cena. He admitted that his daughter was unhappy about the outcome of the match.

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The Undertaker Reveals His Daughter Is A Fan Of WWE Legend John Cena 1

The storyline played in a way where The Undertaker was devastated from the loss to Roman Reigns at the previous year’s Wrestlemania. John Cena continuously called him out in order to bring him out of retirement which happened on the night of 2018 ‘Mania. The Deadman was quick to squash Cena within just five minutes in that match.

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The Undertaker’s daughter was upset during Wrestlemania 34

The Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool and his daughter Kaia had a front-row seat during that match that took place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. But since Kaia is a huge fan of the Cenation Leader, she wasn’t happy about how that match ended.

The Undertaker Reveals His Daughter Is A Fan Of WWE Legend John Cena 2

“Eventually, we have the match, she’s sitting front row with her mom. It was a real quick deal. I squash him in like five minutes; I just beat the s**t out of him and drop him on his head,” The Undertaker recalled in that interview.

“I pin him, right? And I’m looking at my daughter looking for that, ‘yay daddy’ and she’s giving me this (thumbs down). I was like, ‘what the hell is that?’ I go backstage and she is just distraught. I’m like,’ babe what’s wrong?’ She goes, ‘Well dad, I’m happy you won, but I’m really sad John lost.’ So I’ve got to go get John, I said, ‘John, you’ve got to come talk to my daughter.’ He was really good, he goes, ‘okay, I said a lot of bad things about your dad, I deserved it, I’m okay. But I did say a bunch of bad things.’ She was okay with it.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

The Undertaker is retired from in-ring competition since wrestling AJ Styles in a BoneYard Match at Wrestlemania 36, last year. He also delivered his retirement speech at Survivor Series during the 30th anniversary of his career in the WWE.

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