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This is the right time to turn John Cena heel 

Since John Cena’s return in the Survivor Series 2003, he never turned heel. And fans are waiting badly to see him as a heel from quite a long time.

Since the start of the PG era, fans criticized WWE for not turning Cena as a heel. But there was a suitable reason to keep him as a baby face. The time and the period was PG and John Cena was the favorite superstar of the fans (especially children).

John Cena was the prime baby face of the PG era and there was no one who could replace him to become the favorite of the children. (there was Jeff Hardy, but Jeff could not be the prime face to replace Cena)

But this is the ideal time to turn John Cena heel. And we can give you a lot of points why Cena’s heel turn would be the best move right now.

First of all, PG era is over. We have heard Triple H announcing the beginning the Reality era. So there is no need of keeping John Cena as the prime face of the industry.

Secondly, John Cena is not the prime face of WWE right now. It is Daniel Bryan. And if WWE is determined to keep a prime face they have got their answer to replace Cena. We have all seen how crazy the fans become every time Bryan enters the arena with his yes chants. And this is what WWE wants. After a long time, they have finally got a superstar who could lead the show as the main face wrestler.

Third, Fans are really bored with the gimmick of John Cena. If you listen carefully, you would understand nobody cheers for John Cena anymore. They are too annoyed to see same thing every single day.

Fourth, a very good storyline can also be provided to make Cena heel. It could be something like this; John Cena turns heel and says it to the live audience that after serving with a lot for the fans for all these years, fans do not cheer for him and they do not like him anymore either. Something that Triple H recently said in a promo. So Cena decides to join the authority.

Fifth, just imagine the feud between a face Daniel Bryan and a heel John Cena. It would be something that everybody would go crazy to watch.

So there are a lot of points why and how Cena should turn and of course why this is the best time to turn John Cena heel. Not only it would be shocking but best for business as well. 

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