If you think about the biggest little man in the history of WWE, only one name comes into mind and that is Rey Mysterio. He has been one of the most aspiring stars in WWE since his debut back in 2002 and accomplished a lot unlike other masked Luchagors in WWE and started with the Cruiserweight championship as a champion. After that, he would go on to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion and Royal Rumble winner and that too spending the longest time in the history of the event.

Rey Mysterio was an instant hit after his debut among the fans and became a craze especially among the kids with his super high flying moves. It’s an example in WWE that small packages can be a big thing in the biggest league.


According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, he might return in the coming months and this would be his first time since he departed in the year 2013 as WWE did not decide to give him a new deal.

Recently Mysterio works in the Lucha Underground franchise AAA. The returning speculation comes as Meltzer said that there had been some differences between Mysterio and AAA. According to reports Mysterio has had a fallout with the promotions due to unfulfilled contractual obligations where he was not paid his dues and has not appeared on AAA.

It seems that he would on the same path as his fellow Mexican Del Rio, who returned in WWE at Hell in a Cell after the same fallout with AAA. Lucha Underground considered that these two will be huge superstars there but that did not turn out to be.


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