When it comes to Hell in a Cell it’s again this time around when we can expect to see some havoc massacre moments inside the steel structure that we can remember for years to come. Will this Sunday witness some of that jaw-dropping moments from Staples Center, Los Angeles, California? The match cards look very promising including two inside cell matches. Here are 5 matches where we have seen some shocking moments that till date are the most spectacular ones.

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (2002)

This match took place at Judgment Day PPV in 2002 between the King of Kings and Chris Jericho. And these two legends put up a great show and presented us with a physical match up which stole the show. The ending moments saw some tremendous action which took place above the cell including that one where Triple H hit a pedigree to Jericho above the cell and pick up the victory. Have a look at it.



Six man WWE Championship match Hell in a Cell (2000)

In 2000, Armageddon PPV saw the only Hell in a Cell match which had six different participants inside the cell. And we often say that superstars may not be the same again after the cell match. Rikishi may be the most specific one as he fell down from the roof of the 16 feet high cell into a truck filled with pine chips. The Undertaker pushed Rikishi as the 425 pounder went down and the whole arena was stunned. Rikishi was not the same again indeed after that incident. He was motionless for quite a few minutes and though Kurt Angle won the match this moment stole the show.

Edge vs. The Undertaker (2008)

This one is my favorite one when The Rate R Superstar and The Phenom were part of the main event at SummerSlam 2008 giving us not one or two but many of that OMG moments inside the cell. Though Taker won the match, Edge gave him a tremendous amount of punishments throughout the match. How about the spears, one through the steel steps, one through the Cell structure breaking the structure and the last one through the Spanish announce table. How about Taker choke slamming edge through two tables. And the iconic closing moments with Taker finishing the match with a Tombstone Piledriver and sending Edge through the mat as to take the ultimate revenge by sending him “Straight to Hell.”


Cactus Jack vs. Triple H (2000)

When it comes to shock us by taking some brutal punishment and giving us some incredible cell moments Mick Foley’s name comes first undoubtedly. This one took place at the No Way Out PPV in 2000 where Triple H defended his WWF championship against Cactus Jack aka Mick Foley with the stipulation if Foley loses he should retire from professional wrestling.


A physically draining match it was where the two used chairs, barbed wires and the Hell structure itself as a weapon. Halfway down the match two started fighting on the roof of the cell when Triple H dropped Jack on the cell. Surprising to everybody, he not only went through the cell but also through the mat inside the ring again creating one the most memorable one.


Undertaker vs. Mankind (1998)

Two of the most decorated superstars in Hell in a Cell history. Particularly Mick Foley’s career can be divided into two parts i.e. pre-cell and post-cell. That match took place at King of the Ring PPV 1998. Foley aka Mankind took two serious blows in the match. First one when he went through the announce table from the roof of the cell and the second one getting a chokeslam through the cell. This also shows the amount of tremendous punishment Foley did take inside the cell and the loyalty he had for WWE. Perhaps, the most brutal encounters in WWE including the most brutal moment in WWE history then….now and maybe forever.


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