Top 5 moves in WWE that were banned for being too dangerous

Arindam Paul / 09 January 2016

Vince McMahon has a strong propaganda when it comes to wrestler’s safety and that’s why WWE has been toned down the brutality of several moves. There were certain moves in past which shorten the careers like Edge, Stone Cold and even Daniel Bryan.

These past incidents have forced WWE to make a strong wellness policy and all the stars are abode by this. The one who says wrestling is fake should be listening to this and take a good look at the article. Put simply certain moves are so dangerous that it’s risky to pull out soft-handed and so some popular moves have been banned. Let’s break down the most popular 5 moves which were banned.


Randy Orton’s Punt

Years ago when Orton just arrived in the scene and WWE was free from PG he was shown as a remorseless competitor who was willing to do anything and even take a man’s head off with the vicious punt. Three years ago WWE banned the move following their issue with head concussions. This was indeed a dangerous move which can seriously damage one’s head and neck. Orton has been teased to do the move but never was allowed to execute the same on anyone.


Original Piledriver

It’s a move which most of the wrestling foundations has banned. The move literally is to turn someone upside down to hurt someone’s had badly by putting it badly to the mat. The original one was much more dangerous as to hurt both the head and neck. WWE has allowed only a variation of it and that too with names and trust of veterans like Undertaker and Kane calling the version as Tombstone. CM Punk used an older version with Cena once in a match, which nearly cost him a possible fire from the company. No experienced or younger performer is allowed to do the move without permission.



It is a move that was made famous in Japan and it was added as own repertoire by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. The move was his signature as his Shield run as well as his singles run. Though no one was hurt by this move in WWE but it was banned after Wrestlemania 31 and Rollins never used it thereafter as not to hurt anyone’s head seriously. Banning the move earlier only points out that WWE does not want anyone to complain that WWE moves are not safe enough.

Shooting star press

The video included will make you understand easily why WWE has banned the move which is so hard to execute and most importantly it hurts more of yourself rather than the opponent. Brock Lesnar botched the move back in Wrestlemania to hurt his neck and each of the crowd in the arena was in shock. Since then the move is banned. After that stars like Evan Bourne or Justin Gabriel modified it to a certain level but since their departure, the move is banned.


Original Pedigree

The famous Pedigree made it to the list but not the modified one i.e. used by Triple H or Seth Rollins. The original move was dangerous indeed as to hit the head or face straight down to the mat without using the hand as a protection which can follow a serious head or neck injury. The move we see today is actually a variation of the move and is safely executed by Rollins or Triple H.


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