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Top 5 superstars fans want to see facing Brock Lesnar 

Brock Lesnar joined WWE in 2002, but there are a lot of superstars he has not faced yet. recently viewed the five superstars whom the fans would love to see facing Brock Lesnar –

Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar took WWE by storm in his rookie year, capturing the WWE Championship at age 25, but another blue-chipper needed to fill the void when Brock left after WrestleMania XX.

At the time, Randy Orton was the promising star of Evolution who reinvigorated the Intercontinental Championship and wanted to step into the main event scene. With Lesnar gone, The Legend Killer graduated into a Legend in his own right, winning nine World Titles (and three more since The Beast Incarnate returned to WWE). Orton saw the opportunity to forge his own destiny without the monstrous Lesnar in his way and he grabbed on, never letting go.

Lesnar and Orton battled once before – back when the former was WWE Champion and the latter was only 22. Orton gave Lesnar a run for his money back then, so imagine how epic the matchup would be with both Superstars primed, experienced and at their best.

Bray Wyatt

The tale-of-the-tape between Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt is almost identical. Both men stand at 6-foot-3 and tip the scales at more than 280 pounds. The two scariest Superstars in WWE also share an innate ability to instill fear in their opponents. But that is where the similarities end.

Take a closer look at The Beast Incarnate and The Eater of Worlds and you will see contrasting competitors. One is a freak of nature, created through years of intense, physical training, while the other is a mysterious figure, shaped by your worst nightmares. Wyatt’s mind games are as dramatic as they are terrifying, while a simple stare from Lesnar sends chills down an adversary’s spine.

They say opposites attract and you can bet there would be no greater attraction than Wyatt vs. Lesnar. With Sister Abigail in his arsenal, The New Face of Fear may just be able to slay WWE’s unbeatable Beast.


You don’t always need to watch a technical grappling mat classic to see a great match. Sometimes you’re just in the mood to watch a good, old-fashioned fight. That’s where Brock Lesnar and Sheamus come in; there’s simply no competitor who compares to Brock’s hard-hitting offense like Sheamus.

The ginger brute from Dublin might have what it takes to restrain the overwhelming Lesnar with power moves like White Noise and The Irish Curse. And while Brock is as swiftly punishing as anybody who’s ever laced up a pair of boots, Sheamus’ Brogue Kick might be a hair quicker and more pain-inducing than anything that Lesnar can offer. Each man owns a signature limb-wrenching submission hold with the Cloverleaf and Kimura Lock, respectively.

How would Brock deal with absorbing the punishment of Beats of the Bodhran? And is Sheamus one of few fighters to have the stamina to kick out of an F-5? These two muscled-up brawlers could put a hell of a beatdown on each other, and neither would be the same


Cesaro’s tenure as a Paul Heyman Guy brings to mind the old literary idiom: Nasty, brutish and short. True, the two parted on amicable terms and The Swiss Superman’s doing just fine in the tag team division, but all in all, the former U.S. Champion’s run at the mastermind’s knee remains a case of what might have been. Now, imagine the pound-for-pound strongest man in WWE re-entering Heyman’s orbit, this time as the opponent of the premier Heyman Guy, with all the marbles on the line.

Even without the built-in student-vs.-teacher arc that would unfold along The Road to WrestleMania and the mind games Heyman would employ, the in-ring action alone would be enough to make the most jaded WWE fan salivate. Lesnar reversing The Neutralizer into an F-5 and attempting to lock Cesaro’s arm into the Kimura? The two trading German suplexes? Could Cesaro swing The Beast Incarnate and emerge from the shadow of Mr. McMahon’s infamous comments to capture the grandest prize of them all? All these questions beg to be answered. Who’s in?

Dean Ambrose

What chance could Dean Ambrose possibly have to defeat The Beast Incarnate? Brock Lesnar may be a force of nature that overpowers and outlasts his opponents regardless of injury or momentum, but Ambrose is unlike anything Lesnar has faced before inside the squared circle or octagon.
The Lunatic Fringe’s in-ring style can only be described as frantically unorthodox. He strikes with reckless abandon, using his body as a weapon and endlessly charging at whatever is placed in front of him.

Is it possible that Ambrose would be too crazy even for The Beast Incarnate? Lesnar has the size and strength advantage, sure, but could he keep up with the erratic nature of Ambrose? Would Paul Heyman pull Lesnar away from his spastic and volatile opponent? There’s only one way to find out.

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