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Top Finishers in WWE 

In Wrestling, Finisher is a move with which a wrestler will knock down his opponent. In those days, Wrestlers will have leg drops, clothesline, suplex and drop kick as their finishers. As the days went by, several moves were introduced and wrestlers started to flourish with those moves. Now let’s takes a look at some of the top finishers in WWE.


Spear is move in which the attacking wrestler charges towards a standing opponent, brings his body parallel to the ground and drives his shoulder into the opponent’s midsection. Now a days, whenever the name Spear is heard, Roman Reigns is the name that comes to our mind. But what if I tell you that there are wrestlers who can execute Spear better than Reigns? If you think Reigns has the best spear, then I think you must watch the likes of Goldberg, Edge and Batista delivering a spear to the opponents. Here is the compilation of some spears

And those who argue that even Rhyno has Spear as his finisher, it is not spear. It is called as Goar.


RKO outta Nowhere- The phase that will be used often whenever Randy Orton is there in the ring. He has the ability to deliver his finisher RKO from nowhere and has its impact on the neck section. And the most interesting part, the name RKO is derived from Randall Keith Orton, which is Randy’s real name.


Chokeslam might be simple and relatively safe. But still it looks powerful on camera. It is a finisher usually used by wrestlers who are big. The wrestler will just hold his opponent’s neck, lifts them up, and slams them to the mat. Kane, Undertaker and Big Show are some of the well-known wrestlers who use Chokeslam as their finisher.


Pedigree is a finisher that the Cerebral Assain Triple H has made his own. Triple H delivers it by bending his opponent forward, placing the opponent’s head between his legs, hold the opponent’s hands, and then jumps to perform a kneeling or sitout facebuster. Now a days, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is using the finisher but it doesn’t look as effective as Triple-H’s pedigree.

Tombstone Piledriver

Tombstone Piledriver is a deadly finishing move in which the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the opponent head-first into the mat. Undertaker and Kane has been the ones in WWE who use it as their finisher.

Sweet Chin Music

Sweet Chin Music is nothing more than a super kick which Shawn Michaels uses as his finisher. The Heart Break Kid delivers a kick to the opponent’s chin and it is usually preceded by a sidestep. It was considered as one of the most deadly finishers in WWE.


Generally Powerbomb refers to throwing your opponents on your mat. The traditional Powerbomb is delivered when the attacker sees an opponent first placed in a standing headscissors position (bent forward with their head placed between the attacking wrestler’s thighs). He is then lifted on the wrestler’s shoulders and slammed down back-first to the mat. Kevin Nash is one of the wrestler who has it as his finisher. Batista calls it a Batista Bomb, Undertaker calls it the Last Ride and Sheamus calls it a white-noise.


Stunner can be reffered as the deadliest finisher in WWE. It involves an attacking wrestler applying a three-quarter facelock (reaching back and grabbing the head of an opponent, thus pulling the opponent’s jaw above the wrestler’s shoulder) before falling to a seated position and forcing the opponent’s jaw (but predominantly the opponent’s neck) to drop down on the shoulder of the attacking wrestler. The free hand is sometimes used to hold the top of the head. Stone Cold Steve Austin has made the move his own. F5

F5- This is the finisher of the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesner. He delivers it by holding the opponent up across his shoulders then throw the opponent’s legs out in front of him to spin them out while he simultaneously falls backwards or forwards, causing the opponent to land on his face and upper body. Aerial Moves

The Aerial moves also called as splashes are mainly done by smaller, quicker wrestlers who are unable to do most of the power moves. There is a wide variety of aerial techniques in professional wrestling. Due to injuries caused by these high risk moves, some promotions have banned the use of some maneuvers. Rob Van Dam, Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel, Jeff Hardy and Neville are he wrestlers who use them.

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