Over the years, the top most superstars had competed inside the demonic steel structure known as Hell in a Cell. While some cemented their legacy here one thing that remained consistent that careers were never the same after battling inside this structure. Standing 16ft.high and weighing 5 tons it debuted in 1997 at Badd blood Pay-per-view indicating wrestling would never be the same again. Here’s a quick look at the top most Hell in a cell matches.


Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Rikishi – WWF Championship: Armageddon 2000

The only match which had six opponents against each other saw the precursor for another structure called Elimination chamber. The idea came from the then commissioner Mick Foley. The freaking moment came when Rikishi fell from the top of the cell straight on a truck by The Undertaker’s chokeslam. Kurt Angle survived after all that went down inside the cell.



Batista vs The Undertaker – WHC: Survivor Series 2007

It saw the end of a great rivalry between the Undertaker and Batista

Whereas it started a new one from then on as Rated-R Superstar Edge made his comeback inside the cell to cause the deadman the title. He attacked Taker with a camera and then with a vicious con-chair-to leaving him helpless to the referee’s 3 count which leads us to the next feud in the list.


The Undertaker vs Edge: Summer Slam 2008

Edge was perhaps that one opponent who troubled the undertaker more than anybody in the history that continued over a year and made his life hell. So this match had to happen that finally gave Taker the chance to get revenge and he sent him straight to hell by choke slamming him through the mat. Though the Master Manipulator made this match even more miserable for Taker again but this SummerSlam Scorcher was worth a watch indeed.




The Undertaker vs Triple H: Wrestlemania 28

The match itself was named “End of an Era” and boy what a match it truly was. Taker’s previous outing against HHH at previous Wrestlemania saw undertaker could not walk away on his own after the match and Taker himself wanted the match inside the Cell which is his most favourable one for him but his opponent too was no lesser experienced in this environment. Furthermore, Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee, but they failed to break the streak at a combined way. An iconic moment was created after the match as they walked arm-in-arm and gave one final look to the audience as they went through hell both physically and mentally.



The Undertaker vs The Mankind: King of the Ring 1998

Possibly the famous match in the history of Hell in a Cell matches with the iconic moment in wrestling history when Foley fell down from the roof of the cell not once but twice as 17000 crowd saw history that night with Folly literally put his life on the line that night. Foley put a tremendous fight in spite of that two falls from the roof. And whenever it comes to Hell in a Cell the hardcore legend’s performance in this match is that true level to match up with.


Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker – WWE Championship: No Mercy 2002

The rivalry that is going to headline this year’s Hell in a Cell was started with this match up when the beast was known as THE NEXT BIG THING and Taker was with the American Bad Ass persona. That match was much of a brutal carnage rather than a match-up. Brock Lesnar broke taker’s hand and both were busted upon badly creating a blood feast all over which even included Paul Heyman. Lesnar was victorious in these two caged animal’s brawl and Brock arrived in the scene to stay in the top.


Triple H vs Batista – WHC: Vengeance 2005

This one saw Batista establishing himself as a bonafide star coming out of the Evolution. He earned the respect of the WWE universe making HHH give up in his own Hell in a Cell playground. Both men took the opponents into their extreme limit giving them the tortures one could not even imagine and got busted open. The fight ended Batista delivering HHH a power bomb on a steel step literally breaking him into two halves.



Triple H vs. Cactus Jack – WWE Championship: No Way Out 2000

The Career ending moment for the true hardcore legend and it could not be more painful than fighting it out inside the Cell with The King of Kings. At that time, McMohan and HHH were working as a unit to eliminate all other competitors but a walk out from the Rock caused rehiring Foley and giving him a title shot. This time too Foley came off the roof of the cell twice when he went through the hard canvas and Triple H pinned him giving a Pedigree thereafter.




Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker: Badd Blood 1997

Perfection was never so brutalized as was this one and the greatest match perhaps in the history of HIAC. This was the introduction of the Hell structure and who better than these two perfectionists tearing them apart inside the cell. Michaels literally tried everything out of his book to pick up the win but as he was fading, the unthinkable happened as out came Undertaker’s own flesh and blood Demon Kane. The Cell not only introduced himself that night but gave birth to the Devil’s favorite demon Kane.


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