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WWE Raw suddenly received Brock Lesnar on top of the fray with the WWE Championship around his waist. WWE Day 1 co-main-event from the red brand was originally scheduled to be a Fatal 4 Way match between Big E, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley.

However, then Roman Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 before the WWE which resulted in his Universal Title defense against Brock Lesnar getting canceled. Lesnar was thereby added to this WWE Championship match, thus making it a Fatal 5 Way match. He eventually went ahead to pin Big E and win his sixth WWE Championship.

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Top WWE Raw Superstar And His Title Reign Reportedly Not Properly Utilized 1

Big E is touted to be one of the top superstars from WWE Raw who could carry the flag of the company for many more years to follow. Hence, this sudden title drop to The Beast seems shocking to many of the fans. He visibly deserved something far better in his title reign which should be a credible one.

Even many of the officials within the company feel that this bygone reign on WWE Raw of Big E was underwhelming considering that he was a top babyface champion. Plus, they were shocked to see E getting pinned by the Beast Incarnate.

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Big E should have had a strong title reign on WWE Raw

According to a report from Fightful Select, many inside the company weren’t impressed with how Big E’s title reign was handled by the top executives on WWE Raw. The New Day member could’ve been a dominant champion, but the creative team obviously failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

“When we asked backstage about reactions to the move, most felt that Big E wasn’t booked consistently throughout his title reign and that multiple people involved with his ongoing storyline would go ‘above and beyond’ to make sense of things on screen to the best of their ability.”

Top WWE Raw Superstar And His Title Reign Reportedly Not Properly Utilized 2

As reported earlier, E wasn’t scheduled to drop the WWE Championship at Day 1 until Brock Lesnar got added to the mix. WWE on FOX Twitter account posted a graphic showing WWE Day 1 results. On that graphic, the result written for the WWE Championship match was Big E retaining over Lashley, Rollins, and Owens. Ultimately, Lesnar took away that spotlight from the top WWE Raw Superstar just weeks ahead of the Wrestlemania season kick-off.

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