WWE Women’s division is on fire right now. The WWE Divas championship got rebranded on the night of Wrestlemania 32 as they came up with the official WWE Women’s championship belt and got rid of the term “Divas” for good. The term “Divas” symbolized them as glam dolls and veteran Divas had problems with it. Now, the term “Women’s” is being rightfully used to give them a lot of credential to their athleticism.

Previously, it was WWE Hall of Famer, Lita who had us known her opinion about the current women’s roster. Now, her ‘bestie’ Trish Stratus has spoken about the division and who according to her is the star of the moment. In a recent interview with SI.com the former WWE Women’s champion and the Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus has commented on Sasha Banks, who according to her has all the credentials and deserve the spotlight.


Stratus said, “Sasha, to me, is a star. There are a lot of comparisons, but I don’t think we are that similar, actually, at all. But she’s the star of the division, and she’s the one. She really knows her character, she owns her character, and she’s so solid in the ring.”
The seven-time WWE Women’s champion has added that the revolution actually began with her and of course Amy “Lita” Dumas. They were the first Women in WWE history to compete in a Raw main event.

Speaking of that she added, “We got to the building that day, and there was a board with all of the matches written on it. Amy and I were riding together, and we thought the board wasn’t complete or that they hadn’t written the main event yet. Then one of the agents–Fit Finlay–said to us, ‘Are you ready for this?’ Then upper management started coming over and saying congrats, and I was like, ‘Holy sh–, this is a big moment.”


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