Survivor Series 2016 proved to be one epic night for WWE fans. They saw a triumphant Goldberg, who did not show any signs of ring rust even after returning to the squared circle after 12 years. He defeated Brock Lesnar inside two minutes of time, thereby ruining momentum the Beast Incarnate gathered in the past few years.

Most of the fans are still reeling with the victory achieved by the Myth, some do think there was no reason to conquer Lesnar’s dominant streak in this fashion. He has been the number one heel in the WWE from the past few years. Making him lose like this would definitely portray him as weak contender, which he does not deserve at all. However, Goldberg might return for more matches after such a dominant win.

The fans are also cherishing the fact that they saw a Shield reunion at Survivor Series. The trio power-bombed AJ Styles through the table like the good old days. Here’s what the Twitter-verse is talking about:

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