Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: March 19, 2018

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Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: March 19, 2018 

Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: March 19, 2018

The start of this week’s WWE Raw did come in a slobber-knocker way from the creative team. It was a solid effort where the audience had no choice but to feel sorry for Roman Reigns. Brock Lesnar coming out on the show and taking out his opponent like a bulldozer was not easy to witness, at all. Plus, this also maintained the bonafide heel status for the beast incarnate and the recent heat from the crowd towards him.

Another same kind of sympathy storyline is being played on the show around Nia Jax. It revolves around body-shaming for the behemoth name from the female roster. Some of the fans are buying it and got involved in the storyline angle that helped to build up a solid storyline for the upcoming championship match. The Bliss vs Asuka matchup was a bore-fest which was recovered by the attack delivered by Nia Jax, after the match.

The Undertaker storyline is continuing on WWE Raw for quite sometimes. It is interesting to hear that John Cena is blasting the Phenome by telling that he is a coward. Although it’s pretty harsh for some of the fans, these strong words are making the angle strong. As far as the Deadman’s appearance is concerned, we are not supposed to get it until the Wrestlemania show, itself.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley storyline is just not getting heated up with those promo segments. The crowd was pin-drop silent during their promo which is not a good thing. With this much reactions, they are not likely to get a singles match at Wrestlemania 34. Meanwhile, Braun Strowman continued to entertain the crowd. It is quite certain that we will discover Elias as his mystery partner for the upcoming tag team title match.

In the main event segment of WWE Raw, The Ultimate Deletion was something pretty fun. This was a strange match which we have never seen in the WWE. Mr. McMahon was never a fan of the Woken Hardy storyline angles and took a long time before taking this to the flagship show. But, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the match from the Hardy Compound.

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