The crowd was shocked to see Jinder Mahal winning the six-pack challenge on last night’s Smackdown Live. The match featured six of the top competitors present on the brand with the likes of Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Jinder Mahal and the winner of the 2017 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Mojo Rawley.

Nobody thought Jinder will emerge as the victorious since he has not done anything incredible after becoming a part of the roster, last year. During the superstar shakeup, he was the newer member of the Smackdown who has a lot to prove, apparently. So, his direct push to the WWE championship picture literally came out of nowhere.

Also, the notable thing is that the former CWC Tag Team Bollywood Boyz was present rooting for the Indo-Canadian Superstar in the matchup. They were the reason why Jinder was able to capitalise on Sami Zayn and planted him with a slam to pick up the pinfall win.

In case you don’t know, the members of the Bollywood Boyz are Jinder’s real-life brothers Gurv Sihra, Harv Sihra. Quite evidently they are having a connection with India. As per the WWE creative planning, a heel stable would be formed with these three Indians on the Smackdown roster.

Randy Orton confronted Jinder Mahal following the biggest victory of his career. These two are supposed to go into a full-fledged feud after Orton is done with his feud against Bray Wyatt. Although no official statement has come as of when Jinder will get his title opportunity, it is most likely that it is going to happen at Backlash in May.
Meanwhile, the twitter-verse reacted with Jinder Mahal becoming the first major Indian superstar after The Great Khali:

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