Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Roman Reigns will finally get an opportunity at the WWE World Heavyweight championship when he challenges Seth Rollins at Survivor Series on Sunday Nov.22. has confirmed this.

The Big Dog has had eight months to replay his final moments from Wrestlemania 31. He was just on the verge of conquering the beast Brock Lesnar and winning the WWE title when Seth decided to cash in his Money in the bank contract to steal the title and ruin Roman’s moment.

Since the show of shows ended, Roman is trying to get his hand on the title. His dream was again shattered when he had the Money in the bank briefcase in his hand only to be interrupted by Bray Wyatt who shattered his dreams again. The juggernaut was sidelined from the title picture as he was preoccupied with the Eater of the World. While Rollins was busy to prove himself to the Authority and the entire world as a Champion. He proved everyone wrong by dismantling names like Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, Sting, John Cena and Kane.


Despite the win at Hell in a Cell Roman still had to earn the no.1 contender spot, winning a fatal-4-way match bringing the focus back on the title. Who will walk out of the Survivor Series as the champion? We have to wait till 22nd November.

Charlotte vs. Paige (WWE Divas Championship)

Charlotte’s Divas champion reign will be put to an ultimate test when she faces the anti-diva for the title at Survivor Series.

Now these two had achieved a long kinship over the summer as a team member of team PCB. However the strain started as Charlotte started to gain more success as of late, ultimately dethroning Nikki Bella from the title and snapping her record reign to win her first ever Divas’ Championship. After several weeks on and off campaigning with team PCB, Paige finally decided to dismember PCB when she viciously attacked her teammates on RAW.


The Diva of tomorrow followed up by winning a fatal-4-way match this week on RAW and setting up the mega-collision on this Survivor Series. What will happen when the only two females to hold both the NXT championship and Divas championship square off against each other? Will the ‘genetically superior’ be able to counter Paige’s hard hitting offenses? Or the original gangster of Divas revolution will be able to defeat the second generation superstar?

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