Each year Royal Rumble comes to crown a new winner who makes history by eliminating 29 other superstars and creating a new mantra for survival. This match has given birth to auspicious occasions at Wrestlemania whereas some of the superstars have failed to retain the momentum that was earned from the match.

Traditionally the match is all about to kick start the Wrestlemania season. The winner of the match gives a shot to the WWE or world heavyweight championship. After the unification of the title, they get a shot at the WWE title. This year, though, it was a different story altogether, as the winner himself got a chance to win the title itself. Triple H took the full advantage and the WWE title for the 14th time in history.

This video shows 5 superstars who created history at the Rumble event but failed to capture the gold in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton was on the high when Wrestlemania’s 25th anniversary was celebrated in the year 2009 by winning the Royal Rumble. He had his back with the Legacy by his side. He became a nightmare for the McMahon family. He took out Mr. McMahon by punting in his head. Added to the insults was kissing Stephanie McMahon in front of Triple H. The Game took sweet revenge at the main event of Wrestlemania when he hit Orton with the Sledgehammer and defeated for the WWE title opportunity.

Alberto Del Rio had a tremendous year in 2011 when he won both the Money in the Bank and the Royal Rumble. But his Wrestlemania opponent Edge fought with all the pride he had in his last match ever and left the grandest stage with the gold in his hand. Causing more insult, Edge destroyed Del Rio’s precious car on the ramp.

The same thing happened last year with Roman Reigns when he was on the verge of winning the gold but Rollins stole the show to pull off the biggest upset in Wrestlemania history.

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