WWE fans’ latest tradition to attack a particular superstar continues as this time the victim is The United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. He has been on the receiving end of a fans’ legitimate onslaught attack at a live event.

The incident took place at Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where he was part in a match up with Ray Gonzalez for the promotion of World Wrestling Council (WWC). It is to be noted that despite his return in WWE he is still in contract with WWC and allowed to be involved in the promotional events.

It was between the match when Del Rio decided to take a time out and rolled out of the ring when the man got attacked him and went all out with his hands to a stunned Del Rio.

After unloading a string of one-sided shots, the fan was stopped by the officials and promotional personnel present at the ringside. The fan was thrown outside the arena immediately after the attack and the match continued where they had left off.

The match ended without any further interference but got disqualified after Del Rio’s younger brother interfered in the match to break a figure four leg lock. Del Rio’s brother El Hijo de Des Coras has wrestled in WWE’s developmental MMM (Moniker Memo Montenegro) whereas Del Rio is still committed to World Wrestling Council and will continue to do so in spite of his return to WWE.

The attack shows the increasing audacity of the fans in recent times. Last week the same incident took place when a fan threw a bottle to WWE champion Sheamus in a live event from Huntington.


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