Kelly Kelly was better known for her attractive looks and figure rather than her in ring skills. So, it’s quite evident that she’s got a string of star boyfriends than the number of Divas championship gold. She had relationships with WWE stars Test, Justin Gabriel, CM Punk, Dave Bautista and even a married Chris Jericho. A kissing picture with him and Jericho went viral over the internet a few years ago. However, the “Barbie doll” is back in the news with the currently released video from the E Network, as part of the WAGS reality TV series.
The former Divas champion is part of the WAGS show for the past number of years since she is quite a newsmaker with her personal life. Kelly Kelly is now married to NHL defenseman Sheldon Souray.
In a recently released video from the E Network, Kelly reconnected with her memories with her former boyfriend Andrew Martin better known as WWE Superstar Test. She broke down during the segment as it was indeed an emotional one.


Here’s the quote by Tyler henry courtesy

“Immediately, he’s making a connection with you with an immense amount of love,” Tyler tells Blank. “I have to talk about a lot of different things that are popping in because he’s very excited for you. He’s talking about how he knew it happened in February. He’s acknowledging that you moved on.”

Test, a former WWE Superstar who also had an on-screen relationship with Stephanie McMahon, has passed away in the year 2009 and that got accepted by Kelly Kelly, too. He was taking pills unknowing the severity and it caused him his life. In March 2009, he was found dead in his room after his neighbor called the police. The death was reportedly caused by an overdose of toxic known as Oxycodone. Though, just prior to the incident, Kelly Kelly had her break-up with the man.

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