This year Wrestlemania will see The Undertaker stepping inside his favorite demonic structure i.e. Hell in a Cell against WWE’s prodigal son Shane McMahon. The match will decide WWE’s flagship show RAW’s fate as Vince Mcmahon will hand over the franchise to his son if he can win it.

Now considering the two opponents, the match-up is odd, to say the least. Undertaker is the man who himself immortalized the show with his presence and performance in the “Showcase of the immortals.” And, he will go against an aged and not in shape Shane-O-Mac who returned in the business after a long hiatus of 6years.

Now, if there’s a benchmark in the professional wrestling industry that certainly is the Phenome. And, in the case of Shane, he never has been a regular wrestler and stepped into the ring only in a few but with higher stakes. He has been in the ring with veterans like Shawn Michaels, Kane, Triple H, Randy Orton and that too under stipulations like No holds barred, street fight, falls count anywhere matches. Only, this time, he will step into the Hell in a Cell for the 2nd time.

This article is to highlight the greatest moves of the two competitors of the main event. While the Deadman used his mostly used maneuver chokeslam in different ways to make it spectacular. Shane McMahon certainly does not have any of this except his reflex and quirky high flying moves which have been stunning over the years and made us think twice, how in the world he has done all of this? He has put his body on the line while jumping off the tron at Summerslam which is considered one of the greatest falls in WWE.

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