It is a norm that while establishing a persona of uprising superstars, WWE has to let them hand a couple of wins following their debut. They always prove their dominance over the fellow ones to make a name for themselves. But history always does have an exception. Not every legendary WWE career starts with a win. These Superstars certainly left an impact in their first match in WWE, but ultimately left with the loss which stood as the other way to build either sympathy for them or to take out more frustrations from them in the future.
Starting with the franchise of WWE himself, John Cena, made his debut against legendary Kurt Angle on WWE Smackdown in the year 2002 to show ruthless aggression. The debut moment still stood as one of the greatest as the rookie had the guts to show up against a legend i.e. Angle. Despite gaining the upper hand by showing ruthless aggression, Cena came up short against him by a roll up.

Talking about a legend, who can forget the debut of the Icon, Sting back at Survivor Series 2014? WWE universe came unglued from their seats as the franchise of WCW himself showed up to stand against the Authority. Taking the storyline to the next level, Sting accepted a match, his first one in WWE, at the grandest stage of Wrestlemania 31 against Triple H, a match that was a “dream come true” for the fans. In the midst of all the drama that the bout witnessed, with DX and nWo involved in the actions, Sting tasted loss against the Cerebral Assassin of WWE.
Daniel Bryan too had the same fate as he came to compete in his first match from NXT on WWE Raw against the veteran Chris Jericho only to fall victim the Walls of Jericho. The current WWE Women’s champion had to face her first defeat against the rival that is currently going on as a family rivalry i.e. Natalya. Take a look at the latest video from WWE which highlights the seven superstars who had faced loss in their debut.

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