The Divas championship match was expected to be one of the best matches in the Divas championship history and it turned out to be nothing less. The three newbies from the NXT division was taken to the main roster and with their high athleticism, they managed to make it to the Wrestlemania and steal the show. The match was the best of the night until then.


They even surpassed the male athletes to a certain level. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch put up a memorable fight as we witnessed putting all the stops. The technicality of the Divas is a must mentioned. The deciding factor was though Ric Flair’s involvement who held back Sasha as Becky tapped out to Figure Eight from Charlotte.











The second Divas match was a typical Divas tag team match as expected with the actions mainly focusing on Paige, initially. Paige did take out all the members of Team Bad & Blonde from the top rope with a cross body. Aftermath, all of them made a chaos and series of finishers were unleashed.

Brie Mode was countered by Naomi but she paid the the price for taunting Brie and ate some of those Yes kicks. Lana interfered and resulted in a nasty fall for Brie. But, he managed to lock the Yes lock out of nowhere to in which Naomi taps out.






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