Video: Jingle Bells rocked by the Top 10 Low blows

Arindam Paul / 26 December 2015

If we talk about match finishers then these vicious low blows come out as a vicious weapon. Almost every player has used this one as a weapon in their career be it a fair player or the dirtiest player in the game.

When it comes to a no disqualification matches then it is the coolest finisher for sure because low blows are counted as legal. The competitors have also used it while not getting the upper hand to make themselves disqualified as a shield. So, it is quite clear that the heels have used it most of the time.

The villains like Vince McMahon or Ric Flair had used it in numerous times and sometimes for no reasons whatsoever. Take an example of two weeks ago when Mr. McMahon showed up in WWE after one long year, he hit Roman Reigns with a vicious low blow just to show his wrath and power. While he used to be in the matches, he always used it as a weapon.

Superstars have used it in times of desperations too. Like when this year The Undertaker decided to return against the beast in-carnate Brock Lesnar, perhaps he was aware that low blows are going to help him taking the upperhand and he used it quite a few times and even in the main event of the summerslam too but the same low blow cost him the main event at Hell in a Cell too.

WWE Divas are not far behind when hitting men between the two legs. We have seen it many times, but perhaps the most vicious blow was when Eve Torres cost team Johny the match by turning against her flame Zack Ryder and hitting him with a low blow and started the dull ‘People power’ era thereafter.


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