Ronda Rousey is not anymore undefeated in UFC, that is known to all. Ever since Holly Holm put an end to her streak with the highlight reel head kick to put an end to the streak, the MMA fanatics and internet fans are buzzing all around that the next step for Ronda will be in WWE.

And the expectations are not unnecessary considering no big names are really available in the Divas division. Some legitimacy needs to be brought in the division and who better to bring it than the MMA superwoman. The speculations are running further after Ronda’s appearance at Wrestlemania 31 which is the proof that she is actually joining the big league of the pro wrestling.

The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is set to host this weekend’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) and to hype up her appearance, she was featured in a video alongside SNL cast member Beck Bennet.

Bennet is dressed in tights and wrestling gears in one segment to challenge Ronda’s accuracy which incidentally gives Ronda a chance to take a shot to WWE by saying “You know I’m a UFC fighter, not WWE. We actually fight and don’t wear costumes.”

Though this does not mean anything considering her addition to WWE as the show is a pure fun. Her comments must be taken as pure banter, in a show that is all about harmless spoofs and barbs. But, Wrestlemania season is coming around and you can’t count out anything, as WWE is trying to hype up the season with surprises. So a renewal rivalry of Stephanie vs. Ronda from last years’ Wrestlemania would be a show stopper.




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