Watch video: Top 10 Attitude Adjustments of john Cena

Arindam Paul / 28 December 2015

When it comes to the finishers John Cena’s attitude adjustment is the most vicious one and has been used in many ways apart from the ring and the move has been named rightly so as to shut many of the Superstars attitudes to be adjusted properly.

John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment is a variation of the fireman’s carry power slam. The finisher was originally called the “FU” by Cena, a stab at the name of Brock Lesnar’s finisher, the F-5.

Like Cena’s STFU, the FU’s name changed to the Attitude Adjustment as the WWE toned down much of the maturity of its product.

John Cena is well known for being able to use his Attitude Adjustment on nearly any wrestler. He has AA’d The Big Show, AA’d Mark Henry, and has even AA’d Big Daddy V!

Listing in the article is John Cena’s top 10 attitude adjustment of all time and many of these AA’s were used to end long rivalries and put his biggest threats away thereafter. Cena’s one of the all-time greatest rival was Edge and he hit that spectacular AA from the top of the ladder to put through two tables in front of Edge’s home-crowd of Toronto.

In the year 2010 Cena had his life hell in the name of the faction called The Nexus. At TLC pay-per-view, he demolished the group singlehandedly delivering two most effective AA’s of all time. One to Justin Gabriel and another one was the main event of TLC when he put Wade Barrett through the chairs with an AA.

The top most AA was delivered to Batista which even broke the ramp and made Batista not only quit the match but WWE also.


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