What To Expect From This Week’s Smackdown Live: March 20, 2018

What To Expect From This Week’s WWE Smackdown Live: March 20, 2018

WWE Smackdown ended in a shocking way, last week. An unbelievable attack was delivered to the commissioner of the show by the two resident heels of the company that took the bad blood to the highest limit. A massive fallout would be seen from this storyline angle that has sent the show-runner to an indefinite hiatus.

To manage the show, the general manager will come back. He is likely to take action from last week’s attack. Plus, the other storyline angles will also be addressed to hype up the Wrestlemania season. WWE will spend two straight nights at the same venue. Hence, tonight’s Smackdown will be hosted at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

A huge twist was witnessed in storyline angle on the final segment where Shane McMahon suffered the wrath of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The commissioner will now be out of the picture for at least a couple of weeks. But, he should be back in quick time to seek his revenge. An update should be given on his health, on Smackdown.

Also, Daniel Bryan should address the fallout of this attack which might change the Wrestlemania match. In between the singles action between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Shane McMahon might get added to it making it a triple threat match. The general manager, himself is likely to become the special guest referee of this match.

AJ Styles has suffered a minor injury on the recently bygone MSG live event. There are rumors on his current status which should be noted on the show. It is supposed that the dream match between Styles and Nakamura will not be in jeopardy. Rather, the storyline will be brought forward with Nakamura constantly helping out The Champion en route to Wrestlemania.

The storyline angle between Asuka and Charlotte Flair has just begun on the Smackdown Live show, last week. Going forward, the Empress of Tomorrow is expected to appear on the blue brand to have more confrontations with the champions. This would build the Wrestlemania angle, rightly.

The United States Championship picture has been quite an interesting one in recent times. Randy Orton won the title at Fastlane that gives Bobby Roode to claim the rematch at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, Jinder Mahal has pinned both of them in the last couple of weeks. So, a triple threat match should be confirmed on the show.

Lastly, there would be a changing in the Smackdown tag team title picture, as well. The Bludgeon Brothers attacked both The New Day and The Usos for two consecutive nights. So, they should be added to the title match, rightfully considering that no one can match up to their level. We will know whether the upcoming title match will be singles or not.