With WWE Fastlane only one week away, Wrestlemania season is about to kick off to the fullest thereafter. The scheduled Triple threat match will see Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar fighting it out for the number one contender’s spot. The conclusion will see Reigns earning the victory which will lead him to main event WM32 against Triple H and then he will further go on to defeating the Game to walk off the Dallas show as the brand new WWE world heavyweight champion.

It’s needless to say, that WWE is trying every option to establish Reigns as the top babyface. But the negativity that is surrounding the superstar, and with a longtime span, it does not make any sense to still keep trying with him in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Though, it is Vince McMahon’s dream to see Reigns standing with the title in front of the biggest crowd of the sports entertainment and getting the loudest pop ever in the history. But, dreaming and reality are totally different in this scenario because if WWE is going to let Reigns win the championship again against Triple H, then millions of fans would boo out him out of the AT&T stadium in Dallas as they did in the Royal Rumble pay per view two years in a row.


The alternatives are though limited but WWE can go with the boldest choice by giving the crowd with what they want and replace Reigns with either Lesnar or crowd’s hot favorite Ambrose. If you remember, Ambrose had the most brutal match at the Royal Rumble last man standing match and he even competed inside Hell in a Cell to a huge impact. So, he and Triple H with a no hold barred scenario would be a typical option to tear the house down at the grandest stage. These would be my personal classic as the Fringe will stop at nothing and the brawl will continue all around the arena. 1,00,000+ fans will be the member Ambrose asylum for the night.

Or, if they want to give a shot at Lesnar then it should be inside hell in a Cell with someone like Stone Cold as the guest referee. Imagine, Stone Cold delivering stunner on top of the Hell in a Cell or Lesnar bringing Suplex city on top of it. Triple H will have his answer with the sledgehammer, of course.

Being the biggest pay per view of the year, WWE should take an outrageous decision by giving the fans what they want. The decision will take the ratings to new heights as a result. But then everything is lying on the boss…….


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