Winner crowned of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook

Winner crowned of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook

Mixed Match Challenge

Last night marked the final episode of Mixed Match Challenge that started back on January 16th. It was a unique experience for the WWE fans who witnessed a number of male superstars teaming up with the female superstars.

For the last 11 weeks, we have been seeing this contest, exclusively on Facebook Live.

After the bygone round of matches, we finally arrived at the final of the show with two teams cementing their spots.

The first team was of The Miz and Asuka who defeated Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman en route to their finale, two weeks ago. The second team was of Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair who overcame the challenge of Sasha Banks and Finn Balor, last week.

It is to be noted that Charlotte was not competing last week, due to an injury. Rather, Becky Lynch turned out to be the perfect replacement for her who could co-exist successfully with the former United States Champion.

With that being said, the finale started with Charlotte and Roode coming down to the ring following up with Miz and Asuka.

It was Roode and The Miz who started the contest with the previous one mentioned doing his ‘Glorious’ pose to get cheers from the crowd.

On the other hand, The Miz was trying to shut up the crowd by raiding his hands when Charlotte delivered a chop to his chest. Roode tried to capitalize by hitting a Glorious DDT but Miz escaped the hold.

Thereafter, Charlotte and Asuka squared off inside the ring giving us a sneak preview of what’s coming in, on this Sunday night.

The Queen hit her pendant moon assault move which almost stopped the streak of her opponent. The Miz tried to interfere but got locked into the Figure Eight.

He managed to get out of it and picked up the win in the following manner, (courtesy

“Despite this surprise assault, Miz was still able to kick out of Roode’s follow-up attack. Then, just when Roode was able to drop Miz with The Glorious DDT, Asuka snuck in and returned the favor by delivering an earth-shattering kick to the back of his head. Miz quickly followed up with the devastating Skull-Crushing Finale and picked up the epic victory for his team!”

The Miz and Asuka are now the WWE Mixed Match Challenge winners for the inaugural edition. They celebrated the moments inside the ring for getting to donate $100,000 to their WWE MMC charity partner – “the real winners,” Rescue Dogs Rock.

The IC Champion took time to mention how much this means to him for doing charity works.

Furthermore, he was back into his heel mode and spoke about defending the Intercontinental Championship successfully at Wrestlemania 34 in the triple threat encounter.

Asuka also spoke about using the momentums received from Mixed Match Challenge and use it while winning the Smackdown Women’s title at the biggest stage of them all.

Here’s the newsfeed:

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